Week 35: Hold the phone!!

Week 35: So you may have seen in my last post (Week 34) that I went to bed after having some pains and drinking some magnesium. Well…..here’s what happened.

I laid down in bed around 11:30pm and was SO uncomfortable. Hips, back, it felt like my ovaries, everything down there was hurting. No matter which position I laid in, I did not feel good.  And I was pretty sure I was starting to have Braxton Hicks and often. So as I laid there in pain I decided to time how often these BH contractions were coming. 11:56…..12:01…..12:06….. What the….what is happening?!? I decided to get up, go pee, walk around, get a drink of water….. They were still happening. I propped myself up on some pillows on couch and managed to fall asleep for about an hour. I woke up feeling kind of ok, and went back to bed. Felt awful in bed but managed to get about another hour of sleep before I woke up in pain. I tossed and turned soo much before I just had to get out of bed. I walked the hallway, went pee again, drank more water…. Those BH contractions were still coming. I finally put on my robe and gave up trying to sleep. It was around 4am. Fiancé finally got out of bed and was like what the heck is going on?!? He was trying to convince me to call the midwife. In my head, I felt like this wasn’t labour. I didn’t feel like I was in excruciating pain, I was able to breath and talk through the contractions and it didn’t feel like the baby was trying to escape. I hadn’t lost my mucus plug let and my water hadn’t broken. But…the fact was, I was 35 weeks and something was NOT right. So I finally paged the midwife and the student called me back. She went through a list of questions and said she’d call the actual midwife and would call me back with a plan.  She called back in a few minutes and said they both agreed, we should all meet at labour and delivery and I should get hooked up to a monitor. WTF?! So we got ourselves ready and headed out the door. In my head, I did not think “I’m going to have a baby today” but I really did not understand what was happening. The contractions were still ever 5 minutes, lasting about 1 minute long.

At L&D they quickly got me in and hooked up. Babes heartbeat was not affected by the contractions which was a great sign, but they were still coming ever 5 minutes almost exactly. Fiancé sat infront of the monitor and could tell when the next one was coming and how strong they were and when they started to go away. It was crazy. Midwife checked my cervix and said I was maybe a fingertip dilated. That was pretty good news. So basically the plan was to stay and get monitored for a few hours and see what’s up. The resident OB would be by to check on me in a few hours. They took a urine sample to test for possible UTI which could be making my uterus contract, they took a vaginal swab, and another swab of all my bits down there to test for something I completely forget but that can possibly get passed on to baby when they are born.

So we sat and waited. We let our parents know what was going on, we let them know that basically we don’t even know if we’re having a baby today. Fiancé went and got himself some breakfast (lucky!) and I was given my 4th glass of water and a little apple juice. Fiancé was suddenly like – OMG we could have a baby today!?!!!! I felt deep in my soul that that wasn’t going to happen, but really we just didn’t know. The resident OB came by a few hours later and she checked my cervix again, and it was the same, a fingertip dilated. No progress, which was a good thing, but why was I still having contractions?!?! My test results came back, no UTI, no abnormalities from swabs…. The actual OB on duty came by and reviewed my chart and decided I was ok to go home.

So, after about 4 hours, we went back home. They told us, if the contractions get worse, if my water breaks, and/or if I start bleeding to page immediately. I went home, rested on the couch, had a sandwich, had a nice 1.5hour nap and the contractions eventually petered off. And then they were gone. It was the strangest thing.

Over the next few days I felt great! I was able to make our dress appointment where the girls bought THE dress – I’m so glad we found that store!! We picked up a second hand carseat and stroller that was only a year old and in perfect condition!! And I spent an entire day washing ever single item of clothing/blanket/everything for the babe. Because they say, once you have false labour, there’s a good chance you’ll have the baby within 10 days. O.M.G!!

Symptoms: See above haha!!

Week 34: We’re getting ready for you!!

Week 34: I FINALLY went bridesmaids dress shopping with my sister and future sister-in-law! I’m only having the two of them stand up with me, and Fiancé is having 4 groomsmen. Which has really thrown off everything for him and stressed him out because he couldn’t only pick 2 guys and I told him I honestly did not care how many he had….2, 4, 8….I just wanted to have sisters because it’s easy. We hit up about 3 shops where they tried on dresses. One shop was very successful. Then we stopped at another but they didn’t have change rooms available for us, and another was just about to close but let us look at dresses before they kicked us out. And then I saw IT! I made an appt for us to come back next week because this shop had SO MANY beautiful dresses and one I was sure was going to be THE ONE! I’m soo excited about next week!!

While I was visiting some friends I mentioned how I felt a little panicked because I didn’t have a lot of newborn sleepers or a “coming home outfit”. Well, she’s amazing and went and lent me all of her daughters newborn to 6 months clothes! I am SO grateful!! Now I just need to wash them, organize them, and put them away!

We had our second prenatal class this week. We learned all about postpartum care and breastfeeding. I’m feeling very full of information and ready for babe to arrive! I feel like I’ve got a great supportive team and that Fiancé and I are ready!  Our teacher had me lay down at the end and she checked to see if babe had flipped back around. As she was feeling around I had some sharp pains down my left side but nothing too crazy. She said was was pretty sure baby had flipped and were back in proper position. Woohoo!!

We got home pretty late that night. I was tired but had been having horrible leg cramps the past few nights so I decided to try out the new magnesium drink I had bought. Which was confirmed by the pharmacist safe to drink.  It tasted…..not great…. a dull raspberry lemon flavour ugh so I chugged it. Well…. this night became very interesting….stay tuned to the next post to see what happened!!!

Symptoms: Still having that crummy feeling and lost of pressure. Braxton Hicks are happening often. Mostly it feels like it’s on the right side of my stomach but they happen. Tightening and rock hard.

Week 33: S#!T is getting real!

Week 33:  We had a great visit with Fiancés Aunts and Uncle who came over to our house and spoiled us with some gifts. One of them was unable to attend the shower, and wanted to make sure she saw us showered us before the babe got here. Soo nice of them!!

We also face-timed a potential officiant for our wedding this week which went…..ok….. She was REALLY bad a face-timing – we saw half of her face in the screen and that half was 1/4 covered by the little square of us!! Hahaha! Well…we didn’t totally love her so the search continues….dangit!

We had our first prenatal class this week as well. A dear family friend of Fiancé is a professional and gifted us with some lessons THANK GAWD!! She was amazing, we were both super comfortable with her and felt at ease and were able to ask lots of questions. But let me tell you….when she picked up that pelvis, and showed how that little head was going to push through – it all became VERY VERY REAL. WOW. She also taught us some relaxation and focus and taught us how to breathe and for Fiancé to coach me through breathing. It was soo great! We have to go home and practice our breathing for our next lesson with her!

Symptoms: I managed to get out for a few walks this week but find I have to go very slow. If I over due it I seem to pay for it the next day. Lots of groin pain and pressure. And an over all uncomfortable feeling. So…slow it is. And lots of rest throughout the day. I’m not used to this. I like to just get up and go, so it’s taking some adjusting.

Week 32 – Catch you on the flip side

Week 32 – Fiancé came down with a horrible stomach bug and spent almost 2 full days on the couch. I felt horrible for him, he’s not the type to get sick, and definitely not the type to stay in one spot for that long. While he was trying to feel better, my sister came over to do a little maternity shoot with me! I do not photograph well, so I was not expecting much but this budding photographer directed me and made me feel super comfortable. I LOVED the pics, I can’t wait to see the final products!

17093013_10154581797809285_310663204_oHere are some pics I took with my cellphone of the camera – so pls excuse the horrible quality!

I went for my follow up ultrasound this week. The tech didn’t really tell me much this time. I told her I didn’t know the gender so she avoided that. I asked what position the baby is in, and she said BREECH!! WTF!? The baby is currently in “complete breech” position, head up near the middle of my abdomen/belly button area, spine/back coming down my right side, bum near my pelvis, legs crossed and near my cervix, arms folded under chin. In the cutest fetal position, but the wrong way around. But this probably explains why I’ve been feeling so crummy since last week. Why everything has been feeling different inside. I guess there’s still time for baby to flip, fingers crossed…I don’t need another thing to stress about.  I also had a dermatologist appt this week to check on some moles that have stretched out on my breasts and stomach and a strange bump that’s appeared on my lady bits. The ice cold dr took a total of 3 minutes (MAYBE) to check me over. Said all my moles are normal and she normally doesn’t even look at pregnant woman because our bodies change so much, and I can come back 6 months after babe is born. Then she took a total of…3 seconds to look at my lady bits and said, it’s a flesh coloured mole. It’s nothing. I’m glad I drove 45 minutes for that *eyeroll*!

We did book the photographer for our upcoming wedding this week!! It feels GREAT to tick things off that list because frankly – nothing is getting ticked off and I’d LOVE to have everything confirmed by the end of March. Probably wishful thinking, but I really need to get my butt in gear!!

Midwife called me regarding our scan. She told us the uterine artery doppler is now normal (yay!) and growth of baby looks great – BUT – (of course there’s a but because there are is ALWAYS a but), the baby’s head circumference is measuring big. So…back again in a few weeks to see what’s up. Ugh….

Symptoms: Nothing new to report this week other then kinda feeling over all crummy. LOTS of pressure down below and my back is achy but not too bad. Now I just need to get this baby to flip back around and all will be golden!

Week 31 – A tad overwhelmed…

Week 31 – We had a nice long weekend celebrating “Family Day”. Although, we didn’t really do anything special, it was nice to have 3 days off together. We met with one of my besties who is a wedding planner to really get this action of wedding planning in high gear – we both felt really good after the meeting and have some assigned tasks to take care of. I`m hoping to get all of the major stuff done and booked in the next few weeks – so far, we have a DJ! I attended another one of my besties sons bday parties on Saturday, while  Fiancé worked on our mainfloor bathroom reno. Sunday we had beautiful weather and Fiancé washed both of our cars while I sat outside and read some pregnancy books. We then went to a friends for dinner, they have 3 boys under 5 – it was crazy. And then some more friends came over with their 2 boys! It was….busy 😉 But so great to see everyone, and we got some more hand-me-downs for the babe including a Maxi-Cosi Mico AP carseat that is only a few years old – huge score! I still can`t believe it. Monday I was feeling kinda crummy, my head was hurting as well as my hips. And I suddenly felt very overwhelmed by the mess in our house. The reno mess on the main floor, the left over mess from renoing the baby`s room on the top floor, and all of the baby items scattered throughout the basement. I felt frustrated that my body is kinda getting in the way of allowing me to clean these up. I may have had a little breakdown over it. I summonsed myself to the basement to deal with the baby things, because that`s really the only mess I could physically manage myself. I organized items into piles of return to store and needs to be washed. I also finally finished the last of the thank you cards. And I put everything else neatly organized into the babies room….well almost everything. It`s still a work in
progress. BUT I felt MUCH better after doing all of that!
The mainfloor bathroom reno….we`re getting there!!
And yet, I still feel like baby has no clothes….
16930863_10154570906144285_1722871987_oI am feeling REALLY good about the progress on the babes room! Almost there!

I went for a nice brisk walk on Tuesday and about halfway I was suddenly hit with some serious pain. It stopped my in my tracks! It was coming from deep within my vagina/pelvis area. I think I had been walking too fast and my body was like “Sloooooooow down!!!!!” So I immediately turned around and headed home……very very slowly. I felt like each step I took was very planned and deliberate. I made it home and made sure to rest for the rest of the day. It also felt like the baby has moved, like it’s completely shifted over to my right side of the body and leaning and pushing in such a weird way. Honestly, it just kind of hurts, all the time. It felt like this for the rest of the week as well. I went for a few more walks and went very slow and was not in as much pain but generally felt kinda crummy for the rest of the week.

I had a mid-wife appt this week as well. It was pretty quick, since he had already discussed the major topic – possibly pre-eclampsia, over the phone. She went over again everything we had talked about and how if it was still an issue on Monday at the ultrasound, then we’d schedule another ultrasound to keep monitoring it. I’ve been taking my blood pressure at home and it’s still very low – around 108/66. She measured me and I’ve finally caught up, I am now measuring 31 which is great compared to the 26 two weeks ago. I  think the baby had a growth spurt this week and maybe that’s why everything is feeling so different. I also broached a super awkward topic that’s been on my mind. The midwife I saw this week is my backup, as my primary is on vacation…..but, I really get along  with my backup a lot better then I do with my primary. I like them both, but backup and I have a good vibe going on…..so I asked her what’s the policy on switching? She said the way the clinic works, is that it’s all divided evenly, and in the event of labour, I am to call primary who will call backup to come assist. So she said she’ll make sure that she’s there nice and early. And she said best case scenario for me, is that primary is busy when I go into labour and she will become my new primary. I told her I felt bad for even saying anything, and it was no offense to primary, and she completely got it, and was feeling the vibe too and said she would’t mention anything to the primary. I just had to ask!

Symptoms: Large. Sore. And as Fiancé mentioned, I’m complaining a lot. I just feel like my body is failing me this week. My mind feels great, but my body, not so much. Hips, pelvis, lower back – these seem to hurt at all times of the day especially after I’ve been sitting for a while and get up suddenly. The baby is super active which is amazing, but seems to be stuck over on the right side of my stomach and pushing out in a very awkward angle. It feels like it’s harder to breathe even. I’m going to take my midwifes advice, and take it slow. Try and keep active, but very slowly – which is hard when your head is saying LETS GO!!!!

Week 30 – Woah, only 10 weeks to go!

Week 30 – Go to see Baby again!! ❤ It was amazing! And I told the tech right away that we don’t know the gender and would like it to stay that way. She showed us Baby’s head – which by the way, the Choroid Plexus’s are no longer there! We saw the spine, the16901680_10154562948939285_402901785_n legs, the feet! It was amazing! She said baby is measuring on track and not to worry, and that my midwife would have all the results by tomorrow so I can call her to check. She printed us off some pictures of the baby’s face to take home. This wasn’t a 3D ultrasound but you could still the face which was amazing….but…..in all honesty – it creeped me out. AND I didn’t really think that Baby was all that cute. I googled if I’m a horrible mother because of this and the results confirmed that I am not alone, and not to worry because the actually baby is way cuter then the blurry scan. HA! Thank goodness!

I spoke to the midwife the next day and she gave me great news. Baby’s weight is in the 69th percentile. All of the fluid looks great. The biophysical fetal test scored 8/8 (way to go ace your first test baby!!). I still have a small fibroid at the top of my uterus that hasn’t changed. But then she said that I have 1 abnormal uterine artery doppler – this measures the blood flow back and forth from placenta to baby. She said at this time it’s not causing any problems, but it could lead to pre-eclampsia. It hasn’t affected the interuterin growth but they want to keep an eye on it. So my next ultrasound she’s making sure they specifically look in depth at this. I’m truthfully not that concerned at this time because one of the signs is high blood pressure and I actually have really low bp. Last week it was 108/64. I also don’t have any protein in my urine which is very good. She said I need to be on the look out for headache in the front of my head, blurred vision, stabbing pain in my stomach and sudden vomiting. I have none, so if any of those happens it will definitely be out of the ordinary. She’s sent my results to a maternal fetal specialists for their opinion and they came back saying another ultrasound which we already have planned for 2 weeks from now. So…I’m just gonna take it easy and keep an eye out for those signs.

Baby’s movement is back to normal this week, which is A LOT. And now we know that baby is head down with it’s back on the left side and legs coming down the right side, it explains all the kicks and pokes I feel on my right side all the time. I was saying the other day how much I’m going to miss having the feeling of a baby in my belly. It’s just so amazing, and being able to see it move around is so incredible. But of course, then I’ll have a baby in my arms and that will be all kinds of amazing!

We have officially put all of the furniture in the baby’s room. The fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Sidewalk Grey looks absolutely perfect in there! Fiancé refinished an old dresser we picked up and to say it looks amazing is an understatement. It’s perfect!!16406570_10154858219636420_6526886544847015383_n

I’m slowly but surely putting away the gifts from the shower gifts. I won’t put them away until I write the thank you card for that gift, I only have 6 more cards to write! And a large pile of baby laundry to do! I want to wash all the onesies and blankets before I put them away. I guess this is my way of nesting. I’ll share a pic of the teeny nursery as it gets closer to being finished.

We got a call back towards the end of the week from the midwife regarding the ultrasound. She started off by saying everything looks fantastic and baby’s growth is awesome. She told me that:
– baby is in the 69th percentile of weight
– fluid looks great
– baby scored 8/8 on the fetal biophysical test
– there is still a small fibroid in the top of my uterus that hasn’t changed
BUT there is is 1 abnormal uterine artery doppler – the blood flow back and forth to the baby. This has not affected the IUG of baby but we need to keep an eye on it to ensure I do not develop pre-eclampsia. I need to be on the lookout for headache, high blood pressure (I’m around 108/66 which is very low), sudden vision problems, stabbing pain in the upper stomach and sudden vomiting.
This is all pretty scary, but the fact that my BP is very low and I feel pretty good otherwise, I’m not too concerned right now. She said she escalated it to a maternal fetal specialists who agreed that we need to monitor it and specifically look into it at the next ultrasound in two weeks. I’m so glad they caught this and are keeping an eye on it! I’ll be taking my BP at home to make sure it doesn’t spike as well.

Symptoms: It just seems to be the same lately. Lower back, pelvic are and hips. Carrying around the extra 23lbs all in my waist is a tough job on these hips.

Week 29 – Baby Shower!

Week 29 – My Baby Shower was SO FUN!! Talk about a whirlwind though! It seems like as soon as you walk in the door and people start arriving, you’re over here, then you’re over there, and the next thing you know it’s over! Despite that, it was amazing!! 2 long time besties of mine organized the whole party, along with my mom and Fiancé’s step-mom and sister. They did an incredible job! The theme was a country western party and it was perfect! The food was great, the decor was awesome, the games were fun and not super lame! So many friends and family showed up and we received some really amazing gifts, we are soooooo grateful!! Fiancé came to pick me up at the end of the party and brought me flowers!! As well as flowers for my mom and for his step-mom! He chatted with all the ladies and had a great time as well. My heart was SO FULL!!

My mom made the baby soo many amazing clothes and blankets, here is a little owl sweater with hat and booties!

I had another midwife appointment this week, and I took a list of concerns with me. The baby went from being SUPER ACTIVE last week to SUPER LAZY this week. It seemed very strange. I was also concerned about the position of the baby, my weight gain/loss – I would be up like 5lbs at night time, and then back down 5lbs when I woke up in the morning, I’ve been having heart palpitations at rest mostly when I am trying to fall asleep, and I seem to be getting some sort of rash on my ribs. We went over everything, she asked me to count baby kicks while I was there, and she wasn’t concerned. She measured me and said I was still a little behind and is going to send me for a couple ultrasounds to compare baby growth over the next few weeks. I’m totally on board for this! I can’t wait to see baby again, and am very excited to double check that baby is ok. I have a feeling that everything is fine so I’m not too worried. She said keep an eye on the rash, and perhaps try and get a cortisone cream Rx from my Dr and would send a recommendation for an ECG to check my heart – which I’m also not super concerned about. She isn’t really that concerned about my weight either since I seem to be gaining still. So my first ultrasound is scheduled for next Monday and then I have one 2 weeks after to compare growth!

Symptoms: Well this rash or whatever it is, is new this week. There are tiny little aggravated bumps on my on ribs – mostly the right side, and if I gave into temptation I could scratch away happily at it – but i know that would only irritate it more and make it horrible. So I resist with every bit of strength within me. Midwife didn’t think it was pups, I’m going to try and find some oatmeal lotion to help soothe it. I ordered a Belly Support Band this week and I think it’s going to change my life on my long walks. My pelvic area and lower back are just done for by the end of the night, and my midwife thinks because I’m carrying low this would be a great help for me. I can’t wait to really put it to work, so far it feels great around the house.

Week 28 – Hello Third Trimester!

Week 28 – I can not believe I’m actually in my third trimester…the final stretch!! I mean…I can believe it because I feel as big as a whale, but it’s just so crazy I never thought I’d get to be THIS pregnant.

We started the week with a little wedding planning – FINALLY! Fiancé, and I met with a DJ that has done a few of our friends weddings and they are available on our date!! He was so great, and I’m 99% sure we’re going to go with them!

I did a lot of running around and visiting with friends (and getting my nails and eyebrows done) before I started working full time again on Wednesday. My baby shower (OMG is this really happening?!!?) is this Saturday and I didn’t want to leave everything to the morning of and feel super rushed to get it all done. I knocked all the things off my list early in the week so I can have a very stress free day! Going back to work at my old job was kinda great! I got to see all the familiar faces, go out to lunch with my manager and other friend, and only had to be in the office for that one day. I feel confident in the job I need to do and can hopefully help out the company for the upcoming 8 weeks! I’m really looking forward to it (ask me in a few weeks how I feel about it then haha).

Baby has been suuuper active this week ESPECIALLY when I’m trying to sleep. As soon as I lay down, it starts up it’s dance party and I’m pretty sure it’s having all of it’s friends over too. This lasts for at least 15 minutes but feels like hours when I’m just laying there trying to fall asleep. It also feels like the instant I open my eyes, it knows and it starts moving around and is ready to start the day. I think baby is going to be a morning person like Fiancé who literally wakes up ready to start the day. Unlike myself, who is groggy and sleepy and wants to lay there for longer.

I’m really excited/anxious for my shower on the weekend. There’s going to be approximately 40 people coming – depending on weather of course, we have finally gotten some snow in our parts, I hope every one will be able to make it! I think it’s going to be weird though…I’ve never had a big party where the focus is all on me…I’m really excited to see every one though!

Symptoms: My weight still seems to fluctuate 5lbs from night to morning but I think it’s starting to stick. By the end of the week it was only fluctuating about 2-3lbs. Now that I’m working from home, I’m trying to get back into the swing of being more active. I’m really focusing on pelvic floor muscles and taking some long walks. My pelvis and back are the things that are bothering me most. Belly feels itchy this week. My daily routine is, shower and cover my body in baby oil, then once out lather coconut oil & shea butter lotion from head to toe. So far (KNOCK LOUDLY ON WOOD), no stretch marks. I don’t even have the linea negra although there might be a super faint line starting. Belly button is still in. And I get pretty grouchy if I stay up past my bed time……but who doesn’t! 😉

Week 27 – ….well that’s not good!

Week 27 – Nothing like starting off your week by getting laid off. Yes, that’s right, I got laid off. 27 weeks pregnant and now unemployed. Bummer. Big time. They tried to ease the blow, by telling me it in now way reflected me, or my quality of work….and both of my grown men aged 40 bosses cried when it was happening….but it still sucks. A lot. And I held it together as much as a pregnant woman could, I did have a few weak moments of tears, because, this really sucks, but I held my head high, cleaned out my desk, and my friend walked me to my car – both of us in shock.  …..so now what?

I spent the rest of the week exploring my options. If I started my unemployment leave NOW and wasn’t able to find another job, that would be the start of my maternity leave and I was NOT ready for that. I live in Canada, and we are given 50 weeks of leave, if we met the 600 hours worked prior requirement. Which I had seeing as I always work, and had only been off for approx 3 weeks last summer. But I was not ready to start this leave 3 months before my due date. So, my options were, find a job (HA!), try to get sick leave from my Dr or midwife, or not start my claim and go unpaid until my due date. I started out at the midwife, she said the government wouldn’t accept a letter from her (which I found out later wasn’t true), so then I went to my Dr who gave me a therapy session and wouldn’t sign the form, so I was back to trying to find a job….great. Fiancé reached out to a few of his friends to see if anyone could help out for a few months, including the friend who’s family I worked for prior to this job and was laid off due to cutbacks. Well….as it turns out, a girl resigned the same day I got laid off and my old manager called me up when she heard. She’s offering me an 8 week contract starting next week, working from home 5 days a week. I can’t really say no to that! And at the end of the contract I can either try and get sick leave for a few weeks or just start my mat-leave. So the week started out super shitty and ended pretty great!! I’m back to being employed!

While I was at the midwife trying to get the form signed, she decided just to do my check up for me that I have scheduled for next week. Weight looks good (I was up 18lbs at the appt) but she said I was measuring about 1.5cms behind and wants me back in 2 weeks to look again and if I’m still small she’s sending me for an ultrasound to take a look at baby. I did not panic or think anything of this…..Fiancé of course over analyzes and is now saying I’m too small every day. Trust me. I’m not small. I feel like I’m carrying LOW and WIDE so maybe she needs to measure my hips and she’ll see that I’m definitely growing!

Also – this is the last week of my second trimester!!! Holy crap!!! It feels like it’s been slow…..but now it feels like it’s going waaaaay too fast!! I never thought I’d be in my third trimester. Crazy!! Baby is coming SOON!!

Symptoms: My lower back….mostly sciatica. It’s really starting to act up. I tried to take advantage of the free time this week and go for lots of walks and move around a bunch and it seemed to just end up in pain at the end of the day. I’m not completely debilitated and I hate complaining, but, truthfully, it’s hurting. And so is my pelvis. I weigh myself before bed and I’m up 21lbs. But then I weigh myself in the morning and I’ve lost 5lbs over night…I don’t get that. I’ll be bringing it up to the midwife in two weeks.

Week 26 – Say no to spicy!

Week 26 – We had a double date night with some of our best friends this past weekend and it was soo fun!! Even though I couldn’t partake in all the fun drinking shenanigans, I still had a blast! We went out to a new local pub, and I ordered a spicy chicken wrap and DEVOURED it! OMG so yummy!! But…I think because there had already been a slow down/back up happening deep down inside my body, the sudden rush of spicy food was a giant mistake. Stomach pains and (TMI) a very sudden urgency to use the washroom, I was in trouble. I had to face facts and just….go to the washroom at the pub. I actually didn’t care…I didn’t care how long I was in there for or anything. Gotta do what you gotta do. And there was no way I could hold it. Needless to say I felt MUCH better after!

My birthday is this week, and My Mom, Stepdad and Sister came over on the weekend to celebrate early. I didn’t really feel like going out (seeing as what had happened the night before) but I also did not want to cook. My stepdad took care of everything, and brought over all of the fixins for chicken parm and pasta and garlic bread. BUT he had been at a conference for 2 days prior and was exhausted and had a little nap during dinner prep time, so my Sister and Fiancé took care of cooking everything. It was the BEST!!! They did such a great job, and I didn’t have to lift a finger. AND there was cake for dessert! Couldn’t have asked for more 🙂

For my actual birthday, I honestly wasn’t really up for much, and we had done lots of stuff on the weekend, so Fiancé grabbed us some burritos from our local favourite place and we ate them at home in our pj’s. It was perfect 🙂

Some not so perfect stuff that happened this week…well…it seems the company I’m working for, isn’t doing that great. It didn’t come as a surprise to me, we are a small company and very open and honest, and I know the financial situation. What sucks is that we are very busy, but we are just not getting paid for the work completed. Hopefully things will change next week but we just don’t know right now. BUT they did take me out for lunch the day after my birthday, and I didn’t learn my lesson and ate very spicy pizza….not good.

I took Friday off to go get my gestational diabetes test completed, I also had to get tested for the lupus antibody because I have Raynauds Disease, and I had to get my urine tested. I also had another dr appt scheduled in the afternoon so it was a very busy day. The GD test wasn’t too bad. I chose the two hour test, so you get blood drawn, drink the orange drink, wait an hour, blood drawn, and then wait another hour, blood drawn. The test wasn’t too bad…the drink was fine, I chugged it quickly, but then my stomach started to act up. I think the spicy pizza was having revenge on me. I felt nauseous, light headed and could smell everyone in the waiting room. YUCK. I asked if there was somewhere I could lay down for a little while and they let me into a private room…..where suddenly….I couldn’t stop releasing gas. It seems that was my problem….the pizza…ugh. I felt waaaay better after that! Results to come!

Symptoms: Well…other then all of the gastrointestinal issues I had this week, I feel pretty good. I can feel my lower back start to get sore by the end of the day and there seems to be more and more pressure on my pelvis and that sort of aches by the end of day as well. Other then that, still feeling good!