Week 27 – ….well that’s not good!

Week 27 – Nothing like starting off your week by getting laid off. Yes, that’s right, I got laid off. 27 weeks pregnant and now unemployed. Bummer. Big time. They tried to ease the blow, by telling me it in now way reflected me, or my quality of work….and both of my grown men aged 40 bosses cried when it was happening….but it still sucks. A lot. And I held it together as much as a pregnant woman could, I did have a few weak moments of tears, because, this really sucks, but I held my head high, cleaned out my desk, and my friend walked me to my car – both of us in shock.  …..so now what?

I spent the rest of the week exploring my options. If I started my unemployment leave NOW and wasn’t able to find another job, that would be the start of my maternity leave and I was NOT ready for that. I live in Canada, and we are given 50 weeks of leave, if we met the 600 hours worked prior requirement. Which I had seeing as I always work, and had only been off for approx 3 weeks last summer. But I was not ready to start this leave 3 months before my due date. So, my options were, find a job (HA!), try to get sick leave from my Dr or midwife, or not start my claim and go unpaid until my due date. I started out at the midwife, she said the government wouldn’t accept a letter from her (which I found out later wasn’t true), so then I went to my Dr who gave me a therapy session and wouldn’t sign the form, so I was back to trying to find a job….great. Fiancé reached out to a few of his friends to see if anyone could help out for a few months, including the friend who’s family I worked for prior to this job and was laid off due to cutbacks. Well….as it turns out, a girl resigned the same day I got laid off and my old manager called me up when she heard. She’s offering me an 8 week contract starting next week, working from home 5 days a week. I can’t really say no to that! And at the end of the contract I can either try and get sick leave for a few weeks or just start my mat-leave. So the week started out super shitty and ended pretty great!! I’m back to being employed!

While I was at the midwife trying to get the form signed, she decided just to do my check up for me that I have scheduled for next week. Weight looks good (I was up 18lbs at the appt) but she said I was measuring about 1.5cms behind and wants me back in 2 weeks to look again and if I’m still small she’s sending me for an ultrasound to take a look at baby. I did not panic or think anything of this…..Fiancé of course over analyzes and is now saying I’m too small every day. Trust me. I’m not small. I feel like I’m carrying LOW and WIDE so maybe she needs to measure my hips and she’ll see that I’m definitely growing!

Also – this is the last week of my second trimester!!! Holy crap!!! It feels like it’s been slow…..but now it feels like it’s going waaaaay too fast!! I never thought I’d be in my third trimester. Crazy!! Baby is coming SOON!!

Symptoms: My lower back….mostly sciatica. It’s really starting to act up. I tried to take advantage of the free time this week and go for lots of walks and move around a bunch and it seemed to just end up in pain at the end of the day. I’m not completely debilitated and I hate complaining, but, truthfully, it’s hurting. And so is my pelvis. I weigh myself before bed and I’m up 21lbs. But then I weigh myself in the morning and I’ve lost 5lbs over night…I don’t get that. I’ll be bringing it up to the midwife in two weeks.


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