Week 24 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Week 24 – Happy 2017!!! The year I will become a Mom and a Wife!! WOW!! Things went from zero to a hundred really fast in my life!! I’m soo excited for this year and all of the LOVE an amazing things to come!

We celebrated NYE at our friends place which was about a 20 minute drive from home. This made me VERY happy! It was a small get together, a few other couples and another pregnant friend! Who is due in 8 days! So needless to say, it wasn’t a wild party, which also made me very happy, but we did end up staying past 2am which was exhausting for me. The next day my body and brain felt hungover. I don’t think my pregnant body likes straying from routine. It likes to be well rested, no late nights.

It took a while to get back to working mode. Having a week off was sooooo nice! I’m ready to start mat leave NOW! *sigh* We met with our backup midwife this week, who is also fabulous and made us feel great. She told me the ghonorrea test I took was inconclusive because the sample I provided was TOO MUCH! No one told me I didn’t have to fill the cup with urine! So I have to take that one again. I’m not too worried about that test, Fiancé and I have been together for almost 6 years, but I like to know all of the information so let’s take the test! She also is setting me up for my gestational diabetes test – the 2 hour one, again because I like to know ALL of the information, and because I have Raynaud’s Disease which is an autoimmune deficiency, I need to take a test to see if I will pass on an antibody to the baby. Looks like I’m going to have to book a day off in the upcoming weeks to get all of these tests done.

We finally registered at Babies R Us! My friends are planning my shower in 4 weeks so we needed to get it done ASAP! It was super fun!! Well, it was super fun at the beginning, I let Fiancé control the gun and away we went! Then it got a little stressful, then it got overwhelming…. Over an hour later we were just kind of over it. But we racked up some great items and felt good about it, and would come back later to add more. When I got home, I went to look at list online, and it said it was EMPTY! WTF!!! All that work for nothing?!?!?! I had a very very hard time falling asleep that night…..they would be getting a very stern call from me in the morning.

SYMPTOMS: Just felt really tired this week. I was so ready to get back on track with my exercising after having such a successful week last week, and then greatly failed as soon as the week started. I just can’t get out of bed to do it. It’s so warm, I’m so snuggled in, and I usually have a tough time falling asleep that I never ever want it to end. …..maybe next week!


Week 23 – Merry Christmas!!

Week 23 – It’s finally here!! Oh how I love Christmas!! I hate the stress of not knowing what to give – completely not what the holiday is about…but I love giving gifts and the music and all of the family get togethers.

After I ate ALL of the food…ALL OF IT….I had 3 days off after Christmas and took advantage of being home and….STARTED WORKING OUT AGAIN!! Let’s see if I can keep this up now! Fiancé decided this was a great time to start our main floor bathroom reno – keep in mind the babies room is also in the middle of a reno. So while he’s working hard at tearing it out, I’m working hard at eating all the chocolate and watching all the Netflix. Guys….I CAN’T STOP EATING CHOCOLATE. Like seriously! It’s a problem. I tell myself no….I walk away….Then I walk RIGHT BACK. Every day I tell myself ‘Today I will only eat one lindt’. Then I eat 5. So I put it all in my freezer. And then I remembered I LOVE frozen chocolate. I have a problem. At least I can admit it.

Symptoms: Energy has been way up this week. I’ve been feeling good (despite all the chocolate). It’s sooooooo sooooo nice to be able to wake up when your body or Fiancé wants to wake up, and not to an annoying alarm. It’s been so nice to be home with Fiancé all week. It’s been so nice to workout and go for long walks in the middle of the day. I just don’t think we’re cut out for this 9-5 lifestyle, and need to win the lottery and do our own thing. People say money doesn’t buy happiness, but it buys freedom which I think definitely brings happiness. It’s going to be hard going back to work next week.

Week 22 – Best. News. Ever!

Week 22 – After a big weekend of Christmas celebrations with Fiance’s family, I was ready to start concentrating on shopping for everyone else! The lists were increasing but I had some great plans of action and was utilizing the “Expectant Mother” parking spot at every store I went to. Not because I couldn’t walk the distance to the store, but because the parking lots were a mess, and I had NO time to deal with that!

I got a call from the hospital very early in the week. It was the BEST CALL EVER! She started off by saying, “I have some really good news for you”. She told me that our risk had gone from something like 1:250 to 1:10,000!! There was no trace of Trisomy 18, Down Syndrome, or Trisomy 21. And she said that the x and y chromosome (IF THERE WERE BOTH) had no changes or deficiencies to them. What a HUGE relief. To be honest, I didn’t feel overly stressed or worried about this. The genetic councilor and Dr were very optimistic, as was our Midwife, and from everything I had read – babies with ONLY Chorid Plexus and NO OTHER soft markers (even mothers maternal age) were almost always fine and the cysts USUALLY went away. I’d love to get another scan in a few weeks to see if they are still there or not, but it looks like there are no more scans in our future. But I’m still OK with it, I feel very very satisfied with the answers we have received!

The rest of the week was busy with Christmas prepping. Lots of shopping, lots of gift wrapping, lots of fun! I love the feel of the Christmas season. I just wish I would prepare much earlier then I always do. It comes and goes like a whirlwind and I’m always a little bummed when it’s over.

Symptoms: Another week of feeling really good! Like last week, I’m starting to feel large. Being more active this week and getting out more has been really great, but I still haven’t gotten back to working out……next week! ….maybe 😉