Week 28 – Hello Third Trimester!

Week 28 – I can not believe I’m actually in my third trimester…the final stretch!! I mean…I can believe it because I feel as big as a whale, but it’s just so crazy I never thought I’d get to be THIS pregnant.

We started the week with a little wedding planning – FINALLY! Fiancé, and I met with a DJ that has done a few of our friends weddings and they are available on our date!! He was so great, and I’m 99% sure we’re going to go with them!

I did a lot of running around and visiting with friends (and getting my nails and eyebrows done) before I started working full time again on Wednesday. My baby shower (OMG is this really happening?!!?) is this Saturday and I didn’t want to leave everything to the morning of and feel super rushed to get it all done. I knocked all the things off my list early in the week so I can have a very stress free day! Going back to work at my old job was kinda great! I got to see all the familiar faces, go out to lunch with my manager and other friend, and only had to be in the office for that one day. I feel confident in the job I need to do and can hopefully help out the company for the upcoming 8 weeks! I’m really looking forward to it (ask me in a few weeks how I feel about it then haha).

Baby has been suuuper active this week ESPECIALLY when I’m trying to sleep. As soon as I lay down, it starts up it’s dance party and I’m pretty sure it’s having all of it’s friends over too. This lasts for at least 15 minutes but feels like hours when I’m just laying there trying to fall asleep. It also feels like the instant I open my eyes, it knows and it starts moving around and is ready to start the day. I think baby is going to be a morning person like Fiancé who literally wakes up ready to start the day. Unlike myself, who is groggy and sleepy and wants to lay there for longer.

I’m really excited/anxious for my shower on the weekend. There’s going to be approximately 40 people coming – depending on weather of course, we have finally gotten some snow in our parts, I hope every one will be able to make it! I think it’s going to be weird though…I’ve never had a big party where the focus is all on me…I’m really excited to see every one though!

Symptoms: My weight still seems to fluctuate 5lbs from night to morning but I think it’s starting to stick. By the end of the week it was only fluctuating about 2-3lbs. Now that I’m working from home, I’m trying to get back into the swing of being more active. I’m really focusing on pelvic floor muscles and taking some long walks. My pelvis and back are the things that are bothering me most. Belly feels itchy this week. My daily routine is, shower and cover my body in baby oil, then once out lather coconut oil & shea butter lotion from head to toe. So far (KNOCK LOUDLY ON WOOD), no stretch marks. I don’t even have the linea negra although there might be a super faint line starting. Belly button is still in. And I get pretty grouchy if I stay up past my bed time……but who doesn’t! 😉


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