Week 26 – Say no to spicy!

Week 26 – We had a double date night with some of our best friends this past weekend and it was soo fun!! Even though I couldn’t partake in all the fun drinking shenanigans, I still had a blast! We went out to a new local pub, and I ordered a spicy chicken wrap and DEVOURED it! OMG so yummy!! But…I think because there had already been a slow down/back up happening deep down inside my body, the sudden rush of spicy food was a giant mistake. Stomach pains and (TMI) a very sudden urgency to use the washroom, I was in trouble. I had to face facts and just….go to the washroom at the pub. I actually didn’t care…I didn’t care how long I was in there for or anything. Gotta do what you gotta do. And there was no way I could hold it. Needless to say I felt MUCH better after!

My birthday is this week, and My Mom, Stepdad and Sister came over on the weekend to celebrate early. I didn’t really feel like going out (seeing as what had happened the night before) but I also did not want to cook. My stepdad took care of everything, and brought over all of the fixins for chicken parm and pasta and garlic bread. BUT he had been at a conference for 2 days prior and was exhausted and had a little nap during dinner prep time, so my Sister and Fiancé took care of cooking everything. It was the BEST!!! They did such a great job, and I didn’t have to lift a finger. AND there was cake for dessert! Couldn’t have asked for more 🙂

For my actual birthday, I honestly wasn’t really up for much, and we had done lots of stuff on the weekend, so Fiancé grabbed us some burritos from our local favourite place and we ate them at home in our pj’s. It was perfect 🙂

Some not so perfect stuff that happened this week…well…it seems the company I’m working for, isn’t doing that great. It didn’t come as a surprise to me, we are a small company and very open and honest, and I know the financial situation. What sucks is that we are very busy, but we are just not getting paid for the work completed. Hopefully things will change next week but we just don’t know right now. BUT they did take me out for lunch the day after my birthday, and I didn’t learn my lesson and ate very spicy pizza….not good.

I took Friday off to go get my gestational diabetes test completed, I also had to get tested for the lupus antibody because I have Raynauds Disease, and I had to get my urine tested. I also had another dr appt scheduled in the afternoon so it was a very busy day. The GD test wasn’t too bad. I chose the two hour test, so you get blood drawn, drink the orange drink, wait an hour, blood drawn, and then wait another hour, blood drawn. The test wasn’t too bad…the drink was fine, I chugged it quickly, but then my stomach started to act up. I think the spicy pizza was having revenge on me. I felt nauseous, light headed and could smell everyone in the waiting room. YUCK. I asked if there was somewhere I could lay down for a little while and they let me into a private room…..where suddenly….I couldn’t stop releasing gas. It seems that was my problem….the pizza…ugh. I felt waaaay better after that! Results to come!

Symptoms: Well…other then all of the gastrointestinal issues I had this week, I feel pretty good. I can feel my lower back start to get sore by the end of the day and there seems to be more and more pressure on my pelvis and that sort of aches by the end of day as well. Other then that, still feeling good!


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