Week 35: Hold the phone!!

Week 35: So you may have seen in my last post (Week 34) that I went to bed after having some pains and drinking some magnesium. Well…..here’s what happened.

I laid down in bed around 11:30pm and was SO uncomfortable. Hips, back, it felt like my ovaries, everything down there was hurting. No matter which position I laid in, I did not feel good.  And I was pretty sure I was starting to have Braxton Hicks and often. So as I laid there in pain I decided to time how often these BH contractions were coming. 11:56…..12:01…..12:06….. What the….what is happening?!? I decided to get up, go pee, walk around, get a drink of water….. They were still happening. I propped myself up on some pillows on couch and managed to fall asleep for about an hour. I woke up feeling kind of ok, and went back to bed. Felt awful in bed but managed to get about another hour of sleep before I woke up in pain. I tossed and turned soo much before I just had to get out of bed. I walked the hallway, went pee again, drank more water…. Those BH contractions were still coming. I finally put on my robe and gave up trying to sleep. It was around 4am. Fiancé finally got out of bed and was like what the heck is going on?!? He was trying to convince me to call the midwife. In my head, I felt like this wasn’t labour. I didn’t feel like I was in excruciating pain, I was able to breath and talk through the contractions and it didn’t feel like the baby was trying to escape. I hadn’t lost my mucus plug let and my water hadn’t broken. But…the fact was, I was 35 weeks and something was NOT right. So I finally paged the midwife and the student called me back. She went through a list of questions and said she’d call the actual midwife and would call me back with a plan.  She called back in a few minutes and said they both agreed, we should all meet at labour and delivery and I should get hooked up to a monitor. WTF?! So we got ourselves ready and headed out the door. In my head, I did not think “I’m going to have a baby today” but I really did not understand what was happening. The contractions were still ever 5 minutes, lasting about 1 minute long.

At L&D they quickly got me in and hooked up. Babes heartbeat was not affected by the contractions which was a great sign, but they were still coming ever 5 minutes almost exactly. Fiancé sat infront of the monitor and could tell when the next one was coming and how strong they were and when they started to go away. It was crazy. Midwife checked my cervix and said I was maybe a fingertip dilated. That was pretty good news. So basically the plan was to stay and get monitored for a few hours and see what’s up. The resident OB would be by to check on me in a few hours. They took a urine sample to test for possible UTI which could be making my uterus contract, they took a vaginal swab, and another swab of all my bits down there to test for something I completely forget but that can possibly get passed on to baby when they are born.

So we sat and waited. We let our parents know what was going on, we let them know that basically we don’t even know if we’re having a baby today. Fiancé went and got himself some breakfast (lucky!) and I was given my 4th glass of water and a little apple juice. Fiancé was suddenly like – OMG we could have a baby today!?!!!! I felt deep in my soul that that wasn’t going to happen, but really we just didn’t know. The resident OB came by a few hours later and she checked my cervix again, and it was the same, a fingertip dilated. No progress, which was a good thing, but why was I still having contractions?!?! My test results came back, no UTI, no abnormalities from swabs…. The actual OB on duty came by and reviewed my chart and decided I was ok to go home.

So, after about 4 hours, we went back home. They told us, if the contractions get worse, if my water breaks, and/or if I start bleeding to page immediately. I went home, rested on the couch, had a sandwich, had a nice 1.5hour nap and the contractions eventually petered off. And then they were gone. It was the strangest thing.

Over the next few days I felt great! I was able to make our dress appointment where the girls bought THE dress – I’m so glad we found that store!! We picked up a second hand carseat and stroller that was only a year old and in perfect condition!! And I spent an entire day washing ever single item of clothing/blanket/everything for the babe. Because they say, once you have false labour, there’s a good chance you’ll have the baby within 10 days. O.M.G!!

Symptoms: See above haha!!


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