Week 32 – Catch you on the flip side

Week 32 – Fiancé came down with a horrible stomach bug and spent almost 2 full days on the couch. I felt horrible for him, he’s not the type to get sick, and definitely not the type to stay in one spot for that long. While he was trying to feel better, my sister came over to do a little maternity shoot with me! I do not photograph well, so I was not expecting much but this budding photographer directed me and made me feel super comfortable. I LOVED the pics, I can’t wait to see the final products!

17093013_10154581797809285_310663204_oHere are some pics I took with my cellphone of the camera – so pls excuse the horrible quality!

I went for my follow up ultrasound this week. The tech didn’t really tell me much this time. I told her I didn’t know the gender so she avoided that. I asked what position the baby is in, and she said BREECH!! WTF!? The baby is currently in “complete breech” position, head up near the middle of my abdomen/belly button area, spine/back coming down my right side, bum near my pelvis, legs crossed and near my cervix, arms folded under chin. In the cutest fetal position, but the wrong way around. But this probably explains why I’ve been feeling so crummy since last week. Why everything has been feeling different inside. I guess there’s still time for baby to flip, fingers crossed…I don’t need another thing to stress about.  I also had a dermatologist appt this week to check on some moles that have stretched out on my breasts and stomach and a strange bump that’s appeared on my lady bits. The ice cold dr took a total of 3 minutes (MAYBE) to check me over. Said all my moles are normal and she normally doesn’t even look at pregnant woman because our bodies change so much, and I can come back 6 months after babe is born. Then she took a total of…3 seconds to look at my lady bits and said, it’s a flesh coloured mole. It’s nothing. I’m glad I drove 45 minutes for that *eyeroll*!

We did book the photographer for our upcoming wedding this week!! It feels GREAT to tick things off that list because frankly – nothing is getting ticked off and I’d LOVE to have everything confirmed by the end of March. Probably wishful thinking, but I really need to get my butt in gear!!

Midwife called me regarding our scan. She told us the uterine artery doppler is now normal (yay!) and growth of baby looks great – BUT – (of course there’s a but because there are is ALWAYS a but), the baby’s head circumference is measuring big. So…back again in a few weeks to see what’s up. Ugh….

Symptoms: Nothing new to report this week other then kinda feeling over all crummy. LOTS of pressure down below and my back is achy but not too bad. Now I just need to get this baby to flip back around and all will be golden!


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