Week 34: We’re getting ready for you!!

Week 34: I FINALLY went bridesmaids dress shopping with my sister and future sister-in-law! I’m only having the two of them stand up with me, and Fiancé is having 4 groomsmen. Which has really thrown off everything for him and stressed him out because he couldn’t only pick 2 guys and I told him I honestly did not care how many he had….2, 4, 8….I just wanted to have sisters because it’s easy. We hit up about 3 shops where they tried on dresses. One shop was very successful. Then we stopped at another but they didn’t have change rooms available for us, and another was just about to close but let us look at dresses before they kicked us out. And then I saw IT! I made an appt for us to come back next week because this shop had SO MANY beautiful dresses and one I was sure was going to be THE ONE! I’m soo excited about next week!!

While I was visiting some friends I mentioned how I felt a little panicked because I didn’t have a lot of newborn sleepers or a “coming home outfit”. Well, she’s amazing and went and lent me all of her daughters newborn to 6 months clothes! I am SO grateful!! Now I just need to wash them, organize them, and put them away!

We had our second prenatal class this week. We learned all about postpartum care and breastfeeding. I’m feeling very full of information and ready for babe to arrive! I feel like I’ve got a great supportive team and that Fiancé and I are ready!  Our teacher had me lay down at the end and she checked to see if babe had flipped back around. As she was feeling around I had some sharp pains down my left side but nothing too crazy. She said was was pretty sure baby had flipped and were back in proper position. Woohoo!!

We got home pretty late that night. I was tired but had been having horrible leg cramps the past few nights so I decided to try out the new magnesium drink I had bought. Which was confirmed by the pharmacist safe to drink.  It tasted…..not great…. a dull raspberry lemon flavour ugh so I chugged it. Well…. this night became very interesting….stay tuned to the next post to see what happened!!!

Symptoms: Still having that crummy feeling and lost of pressure. Braxton Hicks are happening often. Mostly it feels like it’s on the right side of my stomach but they happen. Tightening and rock hard.


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