Week 29 – Baby Shower!

Week 29 – My Baby Shower was SO FUN!! Talk about a whirlwind though! It seems like as soon as you walk in the door and people start arriving, you’re over here, then you’re over there, and the next thing you know it’s over! Despite that, it was amazing!! 2 long time besties of mine organized the whole party, along with my mom and Fiancé’s step-mom and sister. They did an incredible job! The theme was a country western party and it was perfect! The food was great, the decor was awesome, the games were fun and not super lame! So many friends and family showed up and we received some really amazing gifts, we are soooooo grateful!! Fiancé came to pick me up at the end of the party and brought me flowers!! As well as flowers for my mom and for his step-mom! He chatted with all the ladies and had a great time as well. My heart was SO FULL!!

My mom made the baby soo many amazing clothes and blankets, here is a little owl sweater with hat and booties!

I had another midwife appointment this week, and I took a list of concerns with me. The baby went from being SUPER ACTIVE last week to SUPER LAZY this week. It seemed very strange. I was also concerned about the position of the baby, my weight gain/loss – I would be up like 5lbs at night time, and then back down 5lbs when I woke up in the morning, I’ve been having heart palpitations at rest mostly when I am trying to fall asleep, and I seem to be getting some sort of rash on my ribs. We went over everything, she asked me to count baby kicks while I was there, and she wasn’t concerned. She measured me and said I was still a little behind and is going to send me for a couple ultrasounds to compare baby growth over the next few weeks. I’m totally on board for this! I can’t wait to see baby again, and am very excited to double check that baby is ok. I have a feeling that everything is fine so I’m not too worried. She said keep an eye on the rash, and perhaps try and get a cortisone cream Rx from my Dr and would send a recommendation for an ECG to check my heart – which I’m also not super concerned about. She isn’t really that concerned about my weight either since I seem to be gaining still. So my first ultrasound is scheduled for next Monday and then I have one 2 weeks after to compare growth!

Symptoms: Well this rash or whatever it is, is new this week. There are tiny little aggravated bumps on my on ribs – mostly the right side, and if I gave into temptation I could scratch away happily at it – but i know that would only irritate it more and make it horrible. So I resist with every bit of strength within me. Midwife didn’t think it was pups, I’m going to try and find some oatmeal lotion to help soothe it. I ordered a Belly Support Band this week and I think it’s going to change my life on my long walks. My pelvic area and lower back are just done for by the end of the night, and my midwife thinks because I’m carrying low this would be a great help for me. I can’t wait to really put it to work, so far it feels great around the house.


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