Week 30 – Woah, only 10 weeks to go!

Week 30 – Go to see Baby again!! ❤ It was amazing! And I told the tech right away that we don’t know the gender and would like it to stay that way. She showed us Baby’s head – which by the way, the Choroid Plexus’s are no longer there! We saw the spine, the16901680_10154562948939285_402901785_n legs, the feet! It was amazing! She said baby is measuring on track and not to worry, and that my midwife would have all the results by tomorrow so I can call her to check. She printed us off some pictures of the baby’s face to take home. This wasn’t a 3D ultrasound but you could still the face which was amazing….but…..in all honesty – it creeped me out. AND I didn’t really think that Baby was all that cute. I googled if I’m a horrible mother because of this and the results confirmed that I am not alone, and not to worry because the actually baby is way cuter then the blurry scan. HA! Thank goodness!

I spoke to the midwife the next day and she gave me great news. Baby’s weight is in the 69th percentile. All of the fluid looks great. The biophysical fetal test scored 8/8 (way to go ace your first test baby!!). I still have a small fibroid at the top of my uterus that hasn’t changed. But then she said that I have 1 abnormal uterine artery doppler – this measures the blood flow back and forth from placenta to baby. She said at this time it’s not causing any problems, but it could lead to pre-eclampsia. It hasn’t affected the interuterin growth but they want to keep an eye on it. So my next ultrasound she’s making sure they specifically look in depth at this. I’m truthfully not that concerned at this time because one of the signs is high blood pressure and I actually have really low bp. Last week it was 108/64. I also don’t have any protein in my urine which is very good. She said I need to be on the look out for headache in the front of my head, blurred vision, stabbing pain in my stomach and sudden vomiting. I have none, so if any of those happens it will definitely be out of the ordinary. She’s sent my results to a maternal fetal specialists for their opinion and they came back saying another ultrasound which we already have planned for 2 weeks from now. So…I’m just gonna take it easy and keep an eye out for those signs.

Baby’s movement is back to normal this week, which is A LOT. And now we know that baby is head down with it’s back on the left side and legs coming down the right side, it explains all the kicks and pokes I feel on my right side all the time. I was saying the other day how much I’m going to miss having the feeling of a baby in my belly. It’s just so amazing, and being able to see it move around is so incredible. But of course, then I’ll have a baby in my arms and that will be all kinds of amazing!

We have officially put all of the furniture in the baby’s room. The fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Sidewalk Grey looks absolutely perfect in there! Fiancé refinished an old dresser we picked up and to say it looks amazing is an understatement. It’s perfect!!16406570_10154858219636420_6526886544847015383_n

I’m slowly but surely putting away the gifts from the shower gifts. I won’t put them away until I write the thank you card for that gift, I only have 6 more cards to write! And a large pile of baby laundry to do! I want to wash all the onesies and blankets before I put them away. I guess this is my way of nesting. I’ll share a pic of the teeny nursery as it gets closer to being finished.

We got a call back towards the end of the week from the midwife regarding the ultrasound. She started off by saying everything looks fantastic and baby’s growth is awesome. She told me that:
– baby is in the 69th percentile of weight
– fluid looks great
– baby scored 8/8 on the fetal biophysical test
– there is still a small fibroid in the top of my uterus that hasn’t changed
BUT there is is 1 abnormal uterine artery doppler – the blood flow back and forth to the baby. This has not affected the IUG of baby but we need to keep an eye on it to ensure I do not develop pre-eclampsia. I need to be on the lookout for headache, high blood pressure (I’m around 108/66 which is very low), sudden vision problems, stabbing pain in the upper stomach and sudden vomiting.
This is all pretty scary, but the fact that my BP is very low and I feel pretty good otherwise, I’m not too concerned right now. She said she escalated it to a maternal fetal specialists who agreed that we need to monitor it and specifically look into it at the next ultrasound in two weeks. I’m so glad they caught this and are keeping an eye on it! I’ll be taking my BP at home to make sure it doesn’t spike as well.

Symptoms: It just seems to be the same lately. Lower back, pelvic are and hips. Carrying around the extra 23lbs all in my waist is a tough job on these hips.


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