Week 25 – Get your hair did….

Week 25 – I called Babies R Us as soon as they opened in the morning. I explained the stress I was feeling, and they told me the girl didn’t upload it properly to the system – but all was not lost and it was very simple for her to fix. THANK GOODNESS!! There was no way I would be able to get Fiancé back there to do that all over again. The fun factor wore off really fast.

There seems to be much controversy surrounding being able to get your hair done while pregnant. My stylist let me know that it is fine, especially since I am getting a Balayage dye style – which means that the die is painted onto my hair and none of it touches my roots/skin/scalp. It was also in a well ventilated area – AND the client after me was also 25 weeks pregnant with twins! So….I felt safe getting my hair done – and I felt FANTASTIC when I left! But also starving and stopped at the first drive through I could find and ordered and ate all the food!

I went to a different Babies R Us on the way home, a bigger one, without Fiancé, and took my time walking around. I added some more great items, and inquired about strollers, something we didn’t do the night before. I got a great crash course and walked away with some super helpful info and a beauty stroller added to our registry – which I’m SURE no one will purchase for us, but maybe we’ll get some gift cards we can put towards it.

SYMPTOMS: My headaches seem to return full force towards the end of the week and I had a really bad kink in my neck. I booked myself into a prenatal massage, and the masseuse was the same age and same week pregnant as me! I felt AMAZING afterwords. I will be getting more of these before the end of this pregnancy that’s for sure. I wish I could get one once a week, but benefits only cover about 5 so I’ll have to space them out. For now, I feel great!



Week 24 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Week 24 – Happy 2017!!! The year I will become a Mom and a Wife!! WOW!! Things went from zero to a hundred really fast in my life!! I’m soo excited for this year and all of the LOVE an amazing things to come!

We celebrated NYE at our friends place which was about a 20 minute drive from home. This made me VERY happy! It was a small get together, a few other couples and another pregnant friend! Who is due in 8 days! So needless to say, it wasn’t a wild party, which also made me very happy, but we did end up staying past 2am which was exhausting for me. The next day my body and brain felt hungover. I don’t think my pregnant body likes straying from routine. It likes to be well rested, no late nights.

It took a while to get back to working mode. Having a week off was sooooo nice! I’m ready to start mat leave NOW! *sigh* We met with our backup midwife this week, who is also fabulous and made us feel great. She told me the ghonorrea test I took was inconclusive because the sample I provided was TOO MUCH! No one told me I didn’t have to fill the cup with urine! So I have to take that one again. I’m not too worried about that test, Fiancé and I have been together for almost 6 years, but I like to know all of the information so let’s take the test! She also is setting me up for my gestational diabetes test – the 2 hour one, again because I like to know ALL of the information, and because I have Raynaud’s Disease which is an autoimmune deficiency, I need to take a test to see if I will pass on an antibody to the baby. Looks like I’m going to have to book a day off in the upcoming weeks to get all of these tests done.

We finally registered at Babies R Us! My friends are planning my shower in 4 weeks so we needed to get it done ASAP! It was super fun!! Well, it was super fun at the beginning, I let Fiancé control the gun and away we went! Then it got a little stressful, then it got overwhelming…. Over an hour later we were just kind of over it. But we racked up some great items and felt good about it, and would come back later to add more. When I got home, I went to look at list online, and it said it was EMPTY! WTF!!! All that work for nothing?!?!?! I had a very very hard time falling asleep that night…..they would be getting a very stern call from me in the morning.

SYMPTOMS: Just felt really tired this week. I was so ready to get back on track with my exercising after having such a successful week last week, and then greatly failed as soon as the week started. I just can’t get out of bed to do it. It’s so warm, I’m so snuggled in, and I usually have a tough time falling asleep that I never ever want it to end. …..maybe next week!

Week 23 – Merry Christmas!!

Week 23 – It’s finally here!! Oh how I love Christmas!! I hate the stress of not knowing what to give – completely not what the holiday is about…but I love giving gifts and the music and all of the family get togethers.

After I ate ALL of the food…ALL OF IT….I had 3 days off after Christmas and took advantage of being home and….STARTED WORKING OUT AGAIN!! Let’s see if I can keep this up now! Fiancé decided this was a great time to start our main floor bathroom reno – keep in mind the babies room is also in the middle of a reno. So while he’s working hard at tearing it out, I’m working hard at eating all the chocolate and watching all the Netflix. Guys….I CAN’T STOP EATING CHOCOLATE. Like seriously! It’s a problem. I tell myself no….I walk away….Then I walk RIGHT BACK. Every day I tell myself ‘Today I will only eat one lindt’. Then I eat 5. So I put it all in my freezer. And then I remembered I LOVE frozen chocolate. I have a problem. At least I can admit it.

Symptoms: Energy has been way up this week. I’ve been feeling good (despite all the chocolate). It’s sooooooo sooooo nice to be able to wake up when your body or Fiancé wants to wake up, and not to an annoying alarm. It’s been so nice to be home with Fiancé all week. It’s been so nice to workout and go for long walks in the middle of the day. I just don’t think we’re cut out for this 9-5 lifestyle, and need to win the lottery and do our own thing. People say money doesn’t buy happiness, but it buys freedom which I think definitely brings happiness. It’s going to be hard going back to work next week.

Week 22 – Best. News. Ever!

Week 22 – After a big weekend of Christmas celebrations with Fiance’s family, I was ready to start concentrating on shopping for everyone else! The lists were increasing but I had some great plans of action and was utilizing the “Expectant Mother” parking spot at every store I went to. Not because I couldn’t walk the distance to the store, but because the parking lots were a mess, and I had NO time to deal with that!

I got a call from the hospital very early in the week. It was the BEST CALL EVER! She started off by saying, “I have some really good news for you”. She told me that our risk had gone from something like 1:250 to 1:10,000!! There was no trace of Trisomy 18, Down Syndrome, or Trisomy 21. And she said that the x and y chromosome (IF THERE WERE BOTH) had no changes or deficiencies to them. What a HUGE relief. To be honest, I didn’t feel overly stressed or worried about this. The genetic councilor and Dr were very optimistic, as was our Midwife, and from everything I had read – babies with ONLY Chorid Plexus and NO OTHER soft markers (even mothers maternal age) were almost always fine and the cysts USUALLY went away. I’d love to get another scan in a few weeks to see if they are still there or not, but it looks like there are no more scans in our future. But I’m still OK with it, I feel very very satisfied with the answers we have received!

The rest of the week was busy with Christmas prepping. Lots of shopping, lots of gift wrapping, lots of fun! I love the feel of the Christmas season. I just wish I would prepare much earlier then I always do. It comes and goes like a whirlwind and I’m always a little bummed when it’s over.

Symptoms: Another week of feeling really good! Like last week, I’m starting to feel large. Being more active this week and getting out more has been really great, but I still haven’t gotten back to working out……next week! ….maybe 😉






Week 21 – Let’s get some answers!

Week 21 – I don’t think the baby liked being at the blood work/genetic councillor meeting. It was kicking like crazy as soon as we sat down in the waiting room. Fiancé could even feel them, he thinks it’s so cool! We met with our genetic councillor who said our case was a good one for her. She went over everything and was extremely optimistic. The Dr then came in and spoke to us, and she was also very optimistic. That was all very reassuring. They answered all our questions and we felt pretty good about it. I got the blood work done and they said they would call us in approx 10 days. Well…that would be Christmas day and that stressed me out. She said they usually get back pretty quick so not to worry. I was surprisingly calm after the whole meeting, we both were. Here’s hoping we get a call soon!

We will be celebrating Christmas early with Fiancés family this weekend, so we are in a mad crunch to get all of our gifts ready. I have soo many lists that I keep leaving at home! Oh my brain! I have discovered I can’t function without lists. They keep me organized and calm. Excited for the celebration!

Symptoms:  Still feeling great but really starting to feel….heavy. And out of shape. My working out in the morning is decreasing more and more. And my thighs and butt are starting to feel bigger – and all of the Christmas treats are NOT helping. Once all of the Christmas shopping is complete I will get back to focusing on my thighs and their size! My skin is dry and my back is soooo itchy. I’m slathering baby oil on my entire body – that I can reach right before I get out of the shower and then slathering cocoa butter on right after. This is happening every day. So far everything is looking really good but my back is sooo itchy. When I catch Fiancé after I get out of the shower I can sometimes get him to put lotion all over my back.

Week 20 – A choroid what…?!

Week 20 – Being around drunk people is…interesting…. I can handle Fiancé and his drunken silliness but when it’s co-workers it’s….different. I had a LOT of patience at the work Christmas party. A LOT. We went out for dinner and ate a ton of greasy food which ended up making me feel really crappy. From there we went bowling and I was very happy to be standing and moving around the rest of the night. It was difficult to organize the drunks into teams that could productively bowl. I took the least drunkest co-worker and Fiancé, who had met us there, and claimed my team. It was actually tons of fun, and I ended up outlasting almost everyone and made it to the end of the night. I’m glad it’s over with though, I can’t handle many late nighters like that.

I had my next midwife appointment this week, and told Fiancé not to bother coming as he looked kind of bored at the last one and I’m sure it would just a routine appointment. It started out great, she told me she saw my ultrasound and that it looked great. Then she said, there was a Choroid Plexus Cyst located in the baby’s brain. I heard nothing after this, I blanked out….a what..?!? A cyst in my baby’s brain…?! What the heck does that mean?!?! She could clearly tell I was gone and slowed it down. She told me that it is common and they USUALLy disappear in a few weeks BUT that it’s also a marker for trisomy 18. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! ANOTHER F*&%ING MARKER!!! What the heck??! So I’m sitting there alone, trying not to cry, taking it all in, trying to remember everything she’s saying. She then told me how my chances of trisomy 18 is now even greater due to maternal age and was something like 1 in 150. WTF??!? She kept telling me not to worry, and that of all the baby’s that she’s seen with cysts have been fine and the cysts have disappeared. I didn’t care. It wasn’t reassuring. I hated everything she saying. I stayed calm. I didn’t cry. She told me if I left and forgot everything I could page her and she’d talk to me and Fiancé together. She also asked if I’d like to send my ultrasound to the specialists and if they felt it was necessary they would send me for the NIPT blood work and they would then decide if I required another ultrasound or escalate to amnio. All of this was so overwhelming. I decided yes, I’d like to get the NIPT, I needed to know for sure what the heck was going on with my baby that I felt deep down inside was healthy and amazing. She told me not to stress and would call me with my appt. We then listened to the baby’s heartbeat which was a strong 149 and heard it moving around and I could feel the kicks and hear them on the doppler. It’s always so amazing and THAT is reassuring. So I left feeling completely freaked out and went home to immediately google. I don’t care how much you say you won’t, because you will. Fiancé came home and found me deep into google – which was actually providing reassuring results. I explained to him what had just occurred and then read him some of the google results and told him I took the next step to NIPT. He stressed out immediately but was happy I said yes to the NIPT and said he’d come with when it happened. He was also happy about the google results but it still didn’t mean OUR baby was ok.

The rest of the week was fine. I googled more, I tried to stress less. I got a call from the midwife who told me my appt was first thing next week. I’m glad it’s happening soon!

Symptoms: Well….other then feeling stressed I was still feeling great. The baby movement and kicks are definitely getting stronger and more frequent and Fiancé has been able to feel some little bumps happening. It’s pretty incredible!

Week 19 – There you are!!

Week 19 – Ultrasounds are absolutely incredible. It’s so crazy!! There was our baby, up on the screen looking perfect and moving around all over the place. We could see it swallowing, sticking it’s tongue out, stretching the arms above it’s head, and kicking it’s legs out. Amazing!! The ultrasound was so indepth and took quite a while….but the screen was turned away mostly and Fiancé had to wait in the waiting room for most of it. Finally he got to come in and she showed us our beautiful baby. We stayed strong and still haven’t found out the sex. It’s killing me but I’m also super excited about it. Let’s see if we can actually wait the entire time!

On another note, we finally had a big team meeting at work. By big I mean, the two bosses, the other girl and myself (not big at all but very much needed seeing as I STILL haven’t been able to tell anyone I’m pregnant!). I was feeling very stressed out prior to the meeting because one of the bosses was being very short with me and I was taking it very personally. I was overwhelmed and pulled her aside and blurted it out –
“I’m Pregnant!”. She had NO CLUE. I felt a lot better going into the meeting and she said she’d have my back if anything came up or they got upset. At the end of the meeting they asked me if I had any comments and out it came “Sooo…….I’m pregnant”. They were both shocked as well! I really hid it well! They were both very very happy for me and super kind. I’m SOO happy that’s over with.  I went back to my desk and told the co-workers I sat with who were also SHOCKED and couldn’t believe it. I was pretty proud of myself for hiding it like a pro! I let the cat out of the bag just in time for our upcoming work Christmas party this weekend. Thank goodness!

Symptoms: I was super emotional this week. With the pressure at work and the amazing ultrasound I was a blubbering mess. After finally exposing myself at work, it felt so great to bare the belly. No more giant sweaters or scarves or hunching over when I walk. Still feeling great, energy level up and the only thing I want or crave is sweeeeeets. Flutters are coming back pretty strong this week. It’s such an incredible feeling!


Week 18 -A code in by node (a cold in my nose)

Week 18 – If you could die from a head cold, I was sure it was going to happen to me. Fiancés cold had officially infected me, and hit me HARD. I was out for 2 days, which were unfortunately over the weekend. Luckily work was pretty easy this week as both bosses were away and I was able to take it easy. My official 3 months at my new job happened this week – I made it without anyone knowing….unfortunately because both bosses were away….I wasn’t able to talk to either of them about it or reveal my pregnancy yet. Which is sooo hard to hide. I’m honestly wearing the baggiest sweaters and biggest scarves ever made!

Symptoms: I’m still feeling great. Belly is getting bigger every day and the flutters are coming back but still very light. I’m less panicky though, and feeling nice and calm. Super excited for our ultrasound next week!

Week 17 – …something feels different..?!

Week 17 – Fiancé started off the week down for the count. A head cold has hit him hard – the man cold is here! Poor guy… He had to take a day off work, and really he probably should have taken two.

This week we celebrated Fiancés birthday! He didn’t feel like doing much, and because he had been feeling crumby he didn’t want to go out for dinner, he also told me he didn’t want a gift….but who doesn’t want a gift, come on. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have anything in mind!! He’s a tough guy to shop for, and if he ever needs/wants something, he just goes out and gets it. That day, I had to do a ton of running around for work so it was a little hectic for me….but suddenly it hit me – I knew exactly what to get him! We recently installed a gas stove in our house and he’s been loving the cast iron griddle he got. We saw a multi pack at Costco a month ago and I thought – PERFECT! I bolted to the store and bolted home, all before he even walked in the door. He loved them! Yay!

Symptoms: So…I’ll admit it – I panicked this week. After I just finished telling the midwife last week that I had less anxiety about losing the baby lately – I had exactly that. Last week, I had felt tons of action down there. That fish was swimming away constantly and it was the most reassuring feeling ever. Well… this week, I felt nothing. NOT A THING. I would sit quietly and concentrate and wait for it. Any little blip, any little bubble, any little flutter – nothing. I hit up Dr Google and of course it says it’s “normal” but my mind wouldn’t accept it. No matter how much I kept telling myself, it’s all fine, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So…I made the call. I called my midwife, who wasn’t in, so I had to page her (I hate having to do this, it makes me feel so obnoxious) and she called me back and she also told me it was “normal”. She said the baby is probably just in a different position, and could be more towards my back now or pushing on the placenta and that’s why I don’t feel anything. Ok…I appreciate that…but my mind would still not settle. I felt more calm but at the end of our convo she asked if there was anything else and I had to ask… “Would I be able to pop by for a super quick doppler? I know I’m being paranoid, but I just can’t stop thinking about it”. She called the clinic and called me back and said there was a midwife who could see me right now. So off I jetted! Of course everything was fine….there was the heartbeat….161. Music to my ears!! I knew I was probably over reacting but I just couldn’t calm myself, and no matter what I read or was told, it wasn’t making me feel any better. Hearing the heartbeat was the only thing that made me feel better 🙂

Other then that, I had another great week! Energy level was up and headaches were minimal. …..but then….Friday hit and I could feel it happening. The head cold is brewing. Hoping it’ll pass quick. I don’t want this!




Week 16 – Great Success!

Week 16 – First great thing that happened this week – I FOUND MY WEDDING DRESS!! I can’t believe I’ve actually purchased my wedding dress for next summer! It’s crazy! But it has every element that my perfect dress had and more – there are POCKETS! I’m so excited I want to wear it every day!

The second great thing was when fiancé came to the midwife appointment and HE got to hear the heartbeat! Strong at 160! It was a great appointment. She also moved my due date up 3 days and I’m now due 4/20 😉 I knew that would happen.

More great news was when our midwife called us back midweek and said we are LOW RISK!! How amazing is that. She finally got our bloodwork results back and combined with the scan we are officially low risk. She didn’t give me a ratio and I didn’t ask – which I’m glad I didn’t, because knowing me, I’d somehow manage to stress about it (stress is turning into my middle name).

I had some great outings with friends where I was finally able to tell another BFF (I addressed her birthday card Aunty and she started crying!! So sweet), as well as a bunch of other friends. There are still more we want to tell in person, but we’re slowly crossing them off the list!

I’m still hiding my belly at work, as I’m still on work probation until for another 2 weeks. It’s a sticky situation I’m in, I found out I was pregnant a week after I started my new job. And because of my previous miscarriage I haven’t told anyone here because of my past (stresssssss) and wanted to make sure everything was great. One of my boss’s goes on vacation the week my probation ends and I have a meeting planned with the other boss. My plan is to tell them the week after that, after we have our 19 week scan. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, I kind of feel like I’m being sneaky, but also, it’s my body and my health and I will do what I want.

My Symptoms: Feeling good still! Mild headaches, which the midwife checked my blood pressure when I was having one and said that it was normal so it looks like they are hormonal. At least that’s kind of good news.
Also……uhm I’m pretty sure I’m feeling the baby move…..A LOT! There is a little fishy swimming around in my every growing belly and it’s all sort of awesome. I’m not feeling specific kicks or anything like that but the “flutters” are definitely there. And I love it!