Week 31 – A tad overwhelmed…

Week 31 – We had a nice long weekend celebrating “Family Day”. Although, we didn’t really do anything special, it was nice to have 3 days off together. We met with one of my besties who is a wedding planner to really get this action of wedding planning in high gear – we both felt really good after the meeting and have some assigned tasks to take care of. I`m hoping to get all of the major stuff done and booked in the next few weeks – so far, we have a DJ! I attended another one of my besties sons bday parties on Saturday, while  Fiancé worked on our mainfloor bathroom reno. Sunday we had beautiful weather and Fiancé washed both of our cars while I sat outside and read some pregnancy books. We then went to a friends for dinner, they have 3 boys under 5 – it was crazy. And then some more friends came over with their 2 boys! It was….busy 😉 But so great to see everyone, and we got some more hand-me-downs for the babe including a Maxi-Cosi Mico AP carseat that is only a few years old – huge score! I still can`t believe it. Monday I was feeling kinda crummy, my head was hurting as well as my hips. And I suddenly felt very overwhelmed by the mess in our house. The reno mess on the main floor, the left over mess from renoing the baby`s room on the top floor, and all of the baby items scattered throughout the basement. I felt frustrated that my body is kinda getting in the way of allowing me to clean these up. I may have had a little breakdown over it. I summonsed myself to the basement to deal with the baby things, because that`s really the only mess I could physically manage myself. I organized items into piles of return to store and needs to be washed. I also finally finished the last of the thank you cards. And I put everything else neatly organized into the babies room….well almost everything. It`s still a work in
progress. BUT I felt MUCH better after doing all of that!
The mainfloor bathroom reno….we`re getting there!!
And yet, I still feel like baby has no clothes….
16930863_10154570906144285_1722871987_oI am feeling REALLY good about the progress on the babes room! Almost there!

I went for a nice brisk walk on Tuesday and about halfway I was suddenly hit with some serious pain. It stopped my in my tracks! It was coming from deep within my vagina/pelvis area. I think I had been walking too fast and my body was like “Sloooooooow down!!!!!” So I immediately turned around and headed home……very very slowly. I felt like each step I took was very planned and deliberate. I made it home and made sure to rest for the rest of the day. It also felt like the baby has moved, like it’s completely shifted over to my right side of the body and leaning and pushing in such a weird way. Honestly, it just kind of hurts, all the time. It felt like this for the rest of the week as well. I went for a few more walks and went very slow and was not in as much pain but generally felt kinda crummy for the rest of the week.

I had a mid-wife appt this week as well. It was pretty quick, since he had already discussed the major topic – possibly pre-eclampsia, over the phone. She went over again everything we had talked about and how if it was still an issue on Monday at the ultrasound, then we’d schedule another ultrasound to keep monitoring it. I’ve been taking my blood pressure at home and it’s still very low – around 108/66. She measured me and I’ve finally caught up, I am now measuring 31 which is great compared to the 26 two weeks ago. I  think the baby had a growth spurt this week and maybe that’s why everything is feeling so different. I also broached a super awkward topic that’s been on my mind. The midwife I saw this week is my backup, as my primary is on vacation…..but, I really get along  with my backup a lot better then I do with my primary. I like them both, but backup and I have a good vibe going on…..so I asked her what’s the policy on switching? She said the way the clinic works, is that it’s all divided evenly, and in the event of labour, I am to call primary who will call backup to come assist. So she said she’ll make sure that she’s there nice and early. And she said best case scenario for me, is that primary is busy when I go into labour and she will become my new primary. I told her I felt bad for even saying anything, and it was no offense to primary, and she completely got it, and was feeling the vibe too and said she would’t mention anything to the primary. I just had to ask!

Symptoms: Large. Sore. And as Fiancé mentioned, I’m complaining a lot. I just feel like my body is failing me this week. My mind feels great, but my body, not so much. Hips, pelvis, lower back – these seem to hurt at all times of the day especially after I’ve been sitting for a while and get up suddenly. The baby is super active which is amazing, but seems to be stuck over on the right side of my stomach and pushing out in a very awkward angle. It feels like it’s harder to breathe even. I’m going to take my midwifes advice, and take it slow. Try and keep active, but very slowly – which is hard when your head is saying LETS GO!!!!


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