Week 33: S#!T is getting real!

Week 33:  We had a great visit with Fiancés Aunts and Uncle who came over to our house and spoiled us with some gifts. One of them was unable to attend the shower, and wanted to make sure she saw us showered us before the babe got here. Soo nice of them!!

We also face-timed a potential officiant for our wedding this week which went…..ok….. She was REALLY bad a face-timing – we saw half of her face in the screen and that half was 1/4 covered by the little square of us!! Hahaha! Well…we didn’t totally love her so the search continues….dangit!

We had our first prenatal class this week as well. A dear family friend of Fiancé is a professional and gifted us with some lessons THANK GAWD!! She was amazing, we were both super comfortable with her and felt at ease and were able to ask lots of questions. But let me tell you….when she picked up that pelvis, and showed how that little head was going to push through – it all became VERY VERY REAL. WOW. She also taught us some relaxation and focus and taught us how to breathe and for Fiancé to coach me through breathing. It was soo great! We have to go home and practice our breathing for our next lesson with her!

Symptoms: I managed to get out for a few walks this week but find I have to go very slow. If I over due it I seem to pay for it the next day. Lots of groin pain and pressure. And an over all uncomfortable feeling. So…slow it is. And lots of rest throughout the day. I’m not used to this. I like to just get up and go, so it’s taking some adjusting.


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