Week 19 – There you are!!

Week 19 – Ultrasounds are absolutely incredible. It’s so crazy!! There was our baby, up on the screen looking perfect and moving around all over the place. We could see it swallowing, sticking it’s tongue out, stretching the arms above it’s head, and kicking it’s legs out. Amazing!! The ultrasound was so indepth and took quite a while….but the screen was turned away mostly and Fiancé had to wait in the waiting room for most of it. Finally he got to come in and she showed us our beautiful baby. We stayed strong and still haven’t found out the sex. It’s killing me but I’m also super excited about it. Let’s see if we can actually wait the entire time!

On another note, we finally had a big team meeting at work. By big I mean, the two bosses, the other girl and myself (not big at all but very much needed seeing as I STILL haven’t been able to tell anyone I’m pregnant!). I was feeling very stressed out prior to the meeting because one of the bosses was being very short with me and I was taking it very personally. I was overwhelmed and pulled her aside and blurted it out –
“I’m Pregnant!”. She had NO CLUE. I felt a lot better going into the meeting and she said she’d have my back if anything came up or they got upset. At the end of the meeting they asked me if I had any comments and out it came “Sooo…….I’m pregnant”. They were both shocked as well! I really hid it well! They were both very very happy for me and super kind. I’m SOO happy that’s over with.  I went back to my desk and told the co-workers I sat with who were also SHOCKED and couldn’t believe it. I was pretty proud of myself for hiding it like a pro! I let the cat out of the bag just in time for our upcoming work Christmas party this weekend. Thank goodness!

Symptoms: I was super emotional this week. With the pressure at work and the amazing ultrasound I was a blubbering mess. After finally exposing myself at work, it felt so great to bare the belly. No more giant sweaters or scarves or hunching over when I walk. Still feeling great, energy level up and the only thing I want or crave is sweeeeeets. Flutters are coming back pretty strong this week. It’s such an incredible feeling!



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