Week 20 – A choroid what…?!

Week 20 – Being around drunk people is…interesting…. I can handle Fiancé and his drunken silliness but when it’s co-workers it’s….different. I had a LOT of patience at the work Christmas party. A LOT. We went out for dinner and ate a ton of greasy food which ended up making me feel really crappy. From there we went bowling and I was very happy to be standing and moving around the rest of the night. It was difficult to organize the drunks into teams that could productively bowl. I took the least drunkest co-worker and Fiancé, who had met us there, and claimed my team. It was actually tons of fun, and I ended up outlasting almost everyone and made it to the end of the night. I’m glad it’s over with though, I can’t handle many late nighters like that.

I had my next midwife appointment this week, and told Fiancé not to bother coming as he looked kind of bored at the last one and I’m sure it would just a routine appointment. It started out great, she told me she saw my ultrasound and that it looked great. Then she said, there was a Choroid Plexus Cyst located in the baby’s brain. I heard nothing after this, I blanked out….a what..?!? A cyst in my baby’s brain…?! What the heck does that mean?!?! She could clearly tell I was gone and slowed it down. She told me that it is common and they USUALLy disappear in a few weeks BUT that it’s also a marker for trisomy 18. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! ANOTHER F*&%ING MARKER!!! What the heck??! So I’m sitting there alone, trying not to cry, taking it all in, trying to remember everything she’s saying. She then told me how my chances of trisomy 18 is now even greater due to maternal age and was something like 1 in 150. WTF??!? She kept telling me not to worry, and that of all the baby’s that she’s seen with cysts have been fine and the cysts have disappeared. I didn’t care. It wasn’t reassuring. I hated everything she saying. I stayed calm. I didn’t cry. She told me if I left and forgot everything I could page her and she’d talk to me and Fiancé together. She also asked if I’d like to send my ultrasound to the specialists and if they felt it was necessary they would send me for the NIPT blood work and they would then decide if I required another ultrasound or escalate to amnio. All of this was so overwhelming. I decided yes, I’d like to get the NIPT, I needed to know for sure what the heck was going on with my baby that I felt deep down inside was healthy and amazing. She told me not to stress and would call me with my appt. We then listened to the baby’s heartbeat which was a strong 149 and heard it moving around and I could feel the kicks and hear them on the doppler. It’s always so amazing and THAT is reassuring. So I left feeling completely freaked out and went home to immediately google. I don’t care how much you say you won’t, because you will. Fiancé came home and found me deep into google – which was actually providing reassuring results. I explained to him what had just occurred and then read him some of the google results and told him I took the next step to NIPT. He stressed out immediately but was happy I said yes to the NIPT and said he’d come with when it happened. He was also happy about the google results but it still didn’t mean OUR baby was ok.

The rest of the week was fine. I googled more, I tried to stress less. I got a call from the midwife who told me my appt was first thing next week. I’m glad it’s happening soon!

Symptoms: Well….other then feeling stressed I was still feeling great. The baby movement and kicks are definitely getting stronger and more frequent and Fiancé has been able to feel some little bumps happening. It’s pretty incredible!


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