Week 25 – Get your hair did….

Week 25 – I called Babies R Us as soon as they opened in the morning. I explained the stress I was feeling, and they told me the girl didn’t upload it properly to the system – but all was not lost and it was very simple for her to fix. THANK GOODNESS!! There was no way I would be able to get Fiancé back there to do that all over again. The fun factor wore off really fast.

There seems to be much controversy surrounding being able to get your hair done while pregnant. My stylist let me know that it is fine, especially since I am getting a Balayage dye style – which means that the die is painted onto my hair and none of it touches my roots/skin/scalp. It was also in a well ventilated area – AND the client after me was also 25 weeks pregnant with twins! So….I felt safe getting my hair done – and I felt FANTASTIC when I left! But also starving and stopped at the first drive through I could find and ordered and ate all the food!

I went to a different Babies R Us on the way home, a bigger one, without Fiancé, and took my time walking around. I added some more great items, and inquired about strollers, something we didn’t do the night before. I got a great crash course and walked away with some super helpful info and a beauty stroller added to our registry – which I’m SURE no one will purchase for us, but maybe we’ll get some gift cards we can put towards it.

SYMPTOMS: My headaches seem to return full force towards the end of the week and I had a really bad kink in my neck. I booked myself into a prenatal massage, and the masseuse was the same age and same week pregnant as me! I felt AMAZING afterwords. I will be getting more of these before the end of this pregnancy that’s for sure. I wish I could get one once a week, but benefits only cover about 5 so I’ll have to space them out. For now, I feel great!



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