Week 23 – Merry Christmas!!

Week 23 – It’s finally here!! Oh how I love Christmas!! I hate the stress of not knowing what to give – completely not what the holiday is about…but I love giving gifts and the music and all of the family get togethers.

After I ate ALL of the food…ALL OF IT….I had 3 days off after Christmas and took advantage of being home and….STARTED WORKING OUT AGAIN!! Let’s see if I can keep this up now! Fiancé decided this was a great time to start our main floor bathroom reno – keep in mind the babies room is also in the middle of a reno. So while he’s working hard at tearing it out, I’m working hard at eating all the chocolate and watching all the Netflix. Guys….I CAN’T STOP EATING CHOCOLATE. Like seriously! It’s a problem. I tell myself no….I walk away….Then I walk RIGHT BACK. Every day I tell myself ‘Today I will only eat one lindt’. Then I eat 5. So I put it all in my freezer. And then I remembered I LOVE frozen chocolate. I have a problem. At least I can admit it.

Symptoms: Energy has been way up this week. I’ve been feeling good (despite all the chocolate). It’s sooooooo sooooo nice to be able to wake up when your body or Fiancé wants to wake up, and not to an annoying alarm. It’s been so nice to be home with Fiancé all week. It’s been so nice to workout and go for long walks in the middle of the day. I just don’t think we’re cut out for this 9-5 lifestyle, and need to win the lottery and do our own thing. People say money doesn’t buy happiness, but it buys freedom which I think definitely brings happiness. It’s going to be hard going back to work next week.


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