Week 21 – Let’s get some answers!

Week 21 – I don’t think the baby liked being at the blood work/genetic councillor meeting. It was kicking like crazy as soon as we sat down in the waiting room. Fiancé could even feel them, he thinks it’s so cool! We met with our genetic councillor who said our case was a good one for her. She went over everything and was extremely optimistic. The Dr then came in and spoke to us, and she was also very optimistic. That was all very reassuring. They answered all our questions and we felt pretty good about it. I got the blood work done and they said they would call us in approx 10 days. Well…that would be Christmas day and that stressed me out. She said they usually get back pretty quick so not to worry. I was surprisingly calm after the whole meeting, we both were. Here’s hoping we get a call soon!

We will be celebrating Christmas early with Fiancés family this weekend, so we are in a mad crunch to get all of our gifts ready. I have soo many lists that I keep leaving at home! Oh my brain! I have discovered I can’t function without lists. They keep me organized and calm. Excited for the celebration!

Symptoms:  Still feeling great but really starting to feel….heavy. And out of shape. My working out in the morning is decreasing more and more. And my thighs and butt are starting to feel bigger – and all of the Christmas treats are NOT helping. Once all of the Christmas shopping is complete I will get back to focusing on my thighs and their size! My skin is dry and my back is soooo itchy. I’m slathering baby oil on my entire body – that I can reach right before I get out of the shower and then slathering cocoa butter on right after. This is happening every day. So far everything is looking really good but my back is sooo itchy. When I catch Fiancé after I get out of the shower I can sometimes get him to put lotion all over my back.


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