Week 17 – …something feels different..?!

Week 17 – Fiancé started off the week down for the count. A head cold has hit him hard – the man cold is here! Poor guy… He had to take a day off work, and really he probably should have taken two.

This week we celebrated Fiancés birthday! He didn’t feel like doing much, and because he had been feeling crumby he didn’t want to go out for dinner, he also told me he didn’t want a gift….but who doesn’t want a gift, come on. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have anything in mind!! He’s a tough guy to shop for, and if he ever needs/wants something, he just goes out and gets it. That day, I had to do a ton of running around for work so it was a little hectic for me….but suddenly it hit me – I knew exactly what to get him! We recently installed a gas stove in our house and he’s been loving the cast iron griddle he got. We saw a multi pack at Costco a month ago and I thought – PERFECT! I bolted to the store and bolted home, all before he even walked in the door. He loved them! Yay!

Symptoms: So…I’ll admit it – I panicked this week. After I just finished telling the midwife last week that I had less anxiety about losing the baby lately – I had exactly that. Last week, I had felt tons of action down there. That fish was swimming away constantly and it was the most reassuring feeling ever. Well… this week, I felt nothing. NOT A THING. I would sit quietly and concentrate and wait for it. Any little blip, any little bubble, any little flutter – nothing. I hit up Dr Google and of course it says it’s “normal” but my mind wouldn’t accept it. No matter how much I kept telling myself, it’s all fine, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So…I made the call. I called my midwife, who wasn’t in, so I had to page her (I hate having to do this, it makes me feel so obnoxious) and she called me back and she also told me it was “normal”. She said the baby is probably just in a different position, and could be more towards my back now or pushing on the placenta and that’s why I don’t feel anything. Ok…I appreciate that…but my mind would still not settle. I felt more calm but at the end of our convo she asked if there was anything else and I had to ask… “Would I be able to pop by for a super quick doppler? I know I’m being paranoid, but I just can’t stop thinking about it”. She called the clinic and called me back and said there was a midwife who could see me right now. So off I jetted! Of course everything was fine….there was the heartbeat….161. Music to my ears!! I knew I was probably over reacting but I just couldn’t calm myself, and no matter what I read or was told, it wasn’t making me feel any better. Hearing the heartbeat was the only thing that made me feel better 🙂

Other then that, I had another great week! Energy level was up and headaches were minimal. …..but then….Friday hit and I could feel it happening. The head cold is brewing. Hoping it’ll pass quick. I don’t want this!





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