Week 16 – Great Success!

Week 16 – First great thing that happened this week – I FOUND MY WEDDING DRESS!! I can’t believe I’ve actually purchased my wedding dress for next summer! It’s crazy! But it has every element that my perfect dress had and more – there are POCKETS! I’m so excited I want to wear it every day!

The second great thing was when fiancé came to the midwife appointment and HE got to hear the heartbeat! Strong at 160! It was a great appointment. She also moved my due date up 3 days and I’m now due 4/20 😉 I knew that would happen.

More great news was when our midwife called us back midweek and said we are LOW RISK!! How amazing is that. She finally got our bloodwork results back and combined with the scan we are officially low risk. She didn’t give me a ratio and I didn’t ask – which I’m glad I didn’t, because knowing me, I’d somehow manage to stress about it (stress is turning into my middle name).

I had some great outings with friends where I was finally able to tell another BFF (I addressed her birthday card Aunty and she started crying!! So sweet), as well as a bunch of other friends. There are still more we want to tell in person, but we’re slowly crossing them off the list!

I’m still hiding my belly at work, as I’m still on work probation until for another 2 weeks. It’s a sticky situation I’m in, I found out I was pregnant a week after I started my new job. And because of my previous miscarriage I haven’t told anyone here because of my past (stresssssss) and wanted to make sure everything was great. One of my boss’s goes on vacation the week my probation ends and I have a meeting planned with the other boss. My plan is to tell them the week after that, after we have our 19 week scan. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, I kind of feel like I’m being sneaky, but also, it’s my body and my health and I will do what I want.

My Symptoms: Feeling good still! Mild headaches, which the midwife checked my blood pressure when I was having one and said that it was normal so it looks like they are hormonal. At least that’s kind of good news.
Also……uhm I’m pretty sure I’m feeling the baby move…..A LOT! There is a little fishy swimming around in my every growing belly and it’s all sort of awesome. I’m not feeling specific kicks or anything like that but the “flutters” are definitely there. And I love it!


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