Week 15 – Somewhat better news…?!

Week 15 – The second part of my IPS bloodwork was required at 15 weeks so I made sure I went Saturday when I turned 15w. I’m on top of things!! ……and then 2 days later I get a call from my fertility clinic saying I was actually 14.6. Uhmm….What?! How come every scan, every thing we’ve spoken about has been determined my weeks change on Saturday!?! And now it’s not?! So Annoying.  So I had to go back Wednesday to get more blood drawn. Which means that it’ll take even longer for my results. MORE ANNOYING.

But, I did get a really great call from my Midwife on Monday as I was checking out at the grocery store. She reviewed my scan and the notes from the tech. She said that nasal bone was PRESENT but they could not get an image of it, therefore it was not present on the IMAGE! HUGE RELIEF!!! She said she didn’t think it was necessary to go for another scan right now or send it off for further inspection. She said let’s wait until the bloodwork comes back and go from there. But she’s pretty sure my next scan will be at the 19 week appt. I could not wait to get home and tell Fiancé!! We were both so happy!

Fiancé was travelling for 2 nights this week, and let me tell you, I slept in the middle of our brand new mattress with all of my pillows around me and it was heaven!! The mattress is like a giant hug all night long. It was the best sleep I’d had in a lonnng time. My hips didn’t hurt when I woke, my back and neck felt great. Very pleased with our purchase so far.

We’ve told a few more friends our news, and it seems our parents are slowly letting the news spread to the family as I keep getting emails from them congratulating us. I have another baby shower this Sunday, and I don’t think I’ll be hiding it. I got some new maternity jeans (that I now live in and you will have to pry them off of me), so I’ve finally been able to ditch the stretched out elastic band! Some of the friends at the shower will already know, so it’ll be easier to “announce” the news.

In other exciting news, I went and tried on wedding dresses one night this week. My first time ever! We’re still planning on getting married next summer, the baby will be around 4 months when I’m planning it for. It could all go horrible or it could all work out amazing which I’m hoping for!! Dress shopping was fun, my sister and mom came with. I think I have an idea of what I want, but I’ll need to do some more searching. I haven’t found THE ONE yet!

Next Monday is my midwife on Monday where I will HOPEFULLY find out the IPS results. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead and hope it goes fast, I can’t wait to get these results!

My Symptoms: I’ve honestly been feeling really good this week. I had a little headache over the weekend but once that left, I was back at it. Working out in the morning and squeezing in some long walks when I can. Energy level feels really great. Waistline is slowly growing more. I’ve gained 3lbs total so far. I’m still hiding it at work with super baggy shirts and sweaters. I can’t wait until I’ll finally be able to tell everyone!! Let this belly have it’s glory!


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