Week 13 -Summersaults!

Week 13 – After a chilly weekend closing our cottage, Monday was AWESOME! My mom came with me to my IPS ultrasound because finace couldn’t get out of work. I was a nervous wreck! I was just really hoping that everything was going to be fine. My mom had to stay in the waiting room for most of it. My bladder was FULL. Like waaaay to full. The tech kept asking me to go and pee a few cups out and by the end, she was like, just empty it (I’ve always had a big bladder and had a feeling this would happen!). She told me that the wee babe was in there bouncing around and doing summersaults! I couldn’t believe it! Because I couldn’t feel a thing. She said I have a posterior placenta and that I should be feeling some movement soon – eeeeeeee!! She told me the babe is measuring right on track, had a really healthy heartbeat of 153bpm. She was having a hard time checking everything else because the babe was so active and asked me to roll on my side, cough, and roll back over. She eventually went and got my mom and she let us watch the screen. It. Was. Amazing!! My baby was soo much bigger then before. It’s body was finally bigger then it’s head, it had long arm and legs that were moving around and I could see that strong heartbeat. She gave us the sheet and told us to go to a clinic and get blood drawn. The sheet actually had all the measurements and the Nuchal (which I was most nervous about) was only 1.9 – HUGE relief. I know that my age and the results from all the bloods need to be taken into account as well, but I was most scared about this. I think I can be calm for the rest of the week. We go to our fertility Dr on Saturday to discuss the results of the scan so I guess we’ll see what he says!

The rest of the week went really well. I had dinner with two of my besties, 1 I’ve had since kindergarten and the other since highschool and I finally told them the news! They already had a HUGE suspicion! They were sooo happy for me and it felt so great to tell them!

I FINALLY had a massage this week. Let me tell you…sweet friggen relief!! My neck/shoulders/head had been in a bad spot and I could feel they were full of tension. I found a new place and I can not wait to have to go back! She got all of the knots out. I felt amazing after! And on top of that, I went home to homemade chicken pot pie in the oven – a huge surprise being made by fiance! I’m a very lucky girl!!

My Symptoms: Other then the headaches, this week I’ve been feeling really good. Energy is definitely coming back. And after that massage my head is feeling a million times better! My waistline is growing and the elastic holding my pants together is really getting stretched to it’s maximum ability. I think it’s really time to invest in a pair of maternity pants. Or at least a belly band to help hide my wide open zipper!


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