Week 12 –

Week 12 – Well…..everyone in our immediate family knows!! This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving and we took the opportunity to spill the beans. First up was my mom, step-dad, sister, Grammie, brother, his gf, and aunt and uncle (only because they were there). Everyone was shocked – which shocked us because we thought my parents must of had a clue. They were all super excited for us!! Next up, we stopped by my Dad’s on the way to fiancés  parents for dinner. I didn’t want him to be the last to know, and his weekend was busy and I knew we wouldn’t get another chance to see him. He immediately started crying – sheesh I can’t handle these men crying! His bday is 3 days after my due date so of course he’s even more excited! We then told fiancés sister and her boyfriend. Now they all know!! Huge weight off my shoulders getting that secret out there!

I had my first Midwife appointment this week and it was great! She was awesome, we mostly talked about past health history, what they do, an when/if they would pass off to an OB. As we were wrapping up the visit, she asked if I had any more questions and I blurt out CAN WE LISTEN TO THE HEARTBEAT?!?! I laid down on the bed and she got out the doppler and there it was…she found it right away!! 151bpm! It was amazing! There would be a little blip and she told me that was a kick! Again, my crazy anxious brain was relieved!

I felt really good this week. I wasn’t as tired as I had been but tiredness was still my biggest symptom. That, and these headaches that seem to be reoccurring weekly and lasting for days. My pants are tiiiiiiiight still but I’m still rocking my regular jeans, and the elastic band holding them together is getting a lot looser. Finding shirts to cover up the bloat is getting harder as well. Taking my pants off at the end of the work day, is probably my favourite time of day!

I’ve FINALLY started working out in the mornings again. It’s sooo hard to pull myself out of bed, after having a bad sleep (vivid crazy dreams, tossing and turning, and usually one pee) but I always feel better when I get in at least half an hour in the morning. Now, I just need to keep it up!

We headed to our cottage for the weekend Friday after work to close it for the winter. As soon as got in the car, my headache started, and it got even worse when we met up with fiancés dad and switched over to his car. He had a super strong air freshener that almost killed me. I don’t know why I didn’t ask him to get rid of it! We stopped for dinner and to watch the baseball game (Go Blue Jays!!) and the two of them had some drinks, so I drove the last hour to the cottage. FULL HEADACHE. It was THE WORST. The lights, the smell, everything…. It lasted well into the next day as well. I hope these go away with time!! I finally got my prescription for massage therapy, now I just need to find an amazing therapist – who doesn’t talk my ear off the entire time – I seem to have the worst luck.



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