Week 11 – EXTRA EXTRA! Hot off the press!!

Week 11 – We finally told people!!! But I’ll get to that in a bit…
So…My week started with a wedding where I was the DD (obvi) and it was the WORST. Drunk People….soo annoying…. Luckily fiancé tried to deflect all the bad breathed close talkers so I didn’t have to deal with them. And it turns out, I need the liquid courage to help turn me into a *good dancer (*I am sure I am not nearly as good as I think I am in my head, but, with the liquid courage you just don’t care!).

The next day was brunch with some gf’s, and THE gf was there (see previous posts). I asked her to walk to my car after, where I gave her some flowers and a card and told her. “I’m pregnant”. And I instantly burst into tears. I was happy for me and sad for her. She was so happy for me because she knows the struggle that we’ve been going through. I thought it was strange that she didn’t seem sad for herself – I was feeling sad for her. We chatted for a little while longer and went our separate ways. She messaged me a few hours later and said thank you for your empathy. She said it was just hitting her and she had been crying for the last few hours, and she couldn’t understand my tears at first.  I’m glad she knows but I’m still a ball of emotions towards this.

BREAKING NEWS – We also told fiancés parents this weekend!! And it made it SO REAL!! After dinner we decided it was time, (secretly texting each other at the table) and I went and brought out the envelope with the ultrasound pics. His step-mom was so in shock and kept saying “are those yours?!?!”. His dad cried. I cried. It was all so sweet. We told them it had to be kept a secret and they promised. Next up are telling my mom and step-dad this weekend! And our siblings will be this weekend, And I’ll have to find an excuse to get my Dad over to our place as well. I’m so excited for everyone to know, but also so nervous. I know anything could still happen and that scares the s#!t out of me!

I have still been feeling really great (sorry to all those suffering from morning sickness!). I’m very tired still, and if I’m not writing things down, it’s escaped from my brain the next minute. I haven’t gained any weight but my stomachs shape is so different. I’m 5’2 140 lbs so i’m not tiny but I’m not really chubby either. Just normal. And my belly has now moved all to the middle and I’ve got this little pot that makes doing pants up impossible. But I really feel that it’s too early for maternity pants. We’ll see if I can last for a few more weeks!


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