Week 10 – Holy moodswing Batman!!

Week 10 – The scan was AWESOME!!! Of course it was AWESOME!!! Cause everything is great!! I really really need to chill. The babe was amazing, growing perfectly on track, strong heartbeat of 171 bpm, had 2 little arms and 2 little legs. It was incredible!! I feel so blessed, so lucky, so fortunate. I’m still so shocked this is happening!! I have a baby in my belly!!
I had to do some more pretend drinking this past weekend at the in-laws. Filled a beer can with water twice, and declined wine because I was driving. The next night at friends, I flat out said no thanks and drank tea….but I was legit freezing and actually needed boiling hot tea. The weather is changing and I am HATING it. I hate the cold, I need HEAT.
So this week we started to make a stab at the baby’s room. It’s a big project because the room we chose was once a kitchen on our second floor….don’t ask. So there are cupboards hanging on the wall still. We ripped them off, sanded and spackled, and repeated. By “we” I mean, mostly fiance. The cupboards smelt weird and I was so tired that I was basically zero help.
My moods this week have apparently been unbearable. I’m on a super happy high one minute and then immediately come crashing down in a teeny ball of rage. I actually don’t feel that mad but I guess my reactions aren’t nice. Fiancé and I have been getting into nightly tiffs almost every night. I think it’s a combination of me being super tired, and highly irritable and him having a few after work drinks and being a little more sensitive towards my reactions and a little less reasonable to the situations. I’m trying hard to bite my tongue but I’m just getting so annoyed. I really hope this passes because it’s hurting both of our feelings. And I don’t want to feel any stress. He’s actually travelling for most of next week so I’m sure I’ll just feel lonely and sad. And actually miss having someone to argue with 😉
We still haven’t told anyone. No one! We went out for dinner last night with friends that have a 7 month old, and another couple who are 22weeks and due in January. They all know that we’ve been trying for a year but don’t know all of the details. I actually received a really sweet email from one of the ladies this morning sending encouraging words and some naturopathic resources to help infertility that she had.  I can’t WAIT to tell them!
I also got invited to a baby shower the day after we get our first NIPT results back. Fingers crossed that all goes well and I can announce to some friends there.
I think we will announce to our parents in 2 weeks on our Thanksgiving weekend. That way my mom can come to the NIPT appt that Fiancé won’t be able to make it to. Hopefully.
I think I will tell bestie this weekend. Some friends are getting together and are going out for brunch on Sunday to celebrate her belated birthday and I’m hoping for some time at the end to have a chat with her, hopefully give her some flowers and a card, and tell her my news.
My symptoms have still been mild this week. TIRED, IRRITABLE, scatter brain and feeling like this weird chubby but not pregnant girl and I have nothing to wear. My breasts are sore but not as sore as they were the first few weeks but they are definitely in the way when I try to sleep. And on the topic of sleeping…how can someone be soooooo tired but have the hardest time falling asleep?! And staying asleep!! I’ve been getting up pretty regularly to pee once a night which is new and then having so much trouble getting back to sleep. And it’s freezing and terrible.
Oh and the midwife FINALLY called me back. They have a spot for me!! I have an appt in a week and a half. I’m still torn on what I’m supposed to do – OB or midwife, but I’m going to go to the appt and see how I feel.
I am anxious for the next few weeks to HURRY UP!!! I just want to be in the safe zone, I want to look pregnant and not bloated chubby and I want to tell our parents and siblings!! And I want to see our wee little babe again!!


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