Week 9 -Chill out brain!

Week 9 – My brain is really f*#king with me this week. Or maybe it’s not. But it probably is…… SEE!!!
Ughh….. My symptoms are still minimal. What I do have, crazy dreams, tired, swiss cheese brain, tender (but not as much as before) breasts. I’m not nearly as bloated as I had been. I’ve had zero morning sickness. I had a little bit of queasiness last Sunday but I was in a car so it could have been motion sickness as well. I don’t feel as hungry or thirsty, although I am still drinking like 10 bottles of water a day. I don’t feel like I have as many or any food aversions.
I don’t know…..I just don’t know.
I’m hoping and praying that all is good.
Having a previous miscarriage really keeps you in this state of high alert. I listened to a podcast (I HIGHLY recommend this podcast to anyone going through the battle of infertility) that referred to it as Infertility PTSD, which is exactly how I feel!
In almost 24 hours I will have my 10 week scan with my RE and we will see our beautiful little blob 2 weeks older then the last time we saw it and my brain can relax. But until then…..I can’t help but wonder….is everything ok in there?!?!
For the record, I’m having zero spotting, and zero cramping. It’s just my brain, it’s all in my brain.
Also – I have called around for a midwife again and everyone is booked. But one place said they may have one available but they need check with one of their girls and get back to me. That was Tuesday…. And I can’t call from work – because no one knows, and of course they are only open the hours that I am here at my desk. I’m so annoyed. I imagine since they haven’t gotten back to me the answer is no, and I will have to go with an OB that the RE assigns to me. This is frustrating!! Maybe I can email them…I’ll have to look into this today.
Wish me luck for my scan tomorrow!!


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