…so much sadness

Today is my gf’s birthday and I message her sending her wishes and my love. I ask her how she’s feeling, her symptoms have been very strong.

….she tells me it’s gone.

My heartbreaks. I wish I could take her pain away. The hard truth and the commonality about miscarriage is so scary. And it’s such a secret that no one talks about. I know she’s not in a place to talk about it yet, but I hope she’ll reach out to me for support when she’s ready. I had one friend who knew I was pregnant before and she had experienced a miscarriage as well. She was such a great help and I am so grateful for her.

This also terrifies me. She was almost 9 weeks. And had strong symptoms which made me think she had such a strong pregnancy and would for sure make it. Where I have little symptoms and fear the worst 24/7 and everything was great last time we checked.

Saturday can not come soon enough, so we can check on our sweet little blob at our 10 week scan.

Telling her I’m pregnant just turned into one of the most difficult things I’ll have to do.


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