Week 8 – Sweet relief!

Week 8 – I stayed calm in the waiting room….but on the exam table, different story and as the nurse was looking around in there and not saying anything my heart started to race.
I couldn’t really understand the look on my fiance’s face – he and the nurse are the only ones who can see the screen, I could not….this was not calming me down at all.
Finally I blurt out “Is everything ok?!?!”. She tells me it’s all great! Everything is right on track, the baby looks great, it’s wiggling around in there and has a heartbeat of 171 bpm!! Exhale……..!!!!
I get another “told you just to chill out” from fiance. I can’t help it!! Our little blob has turned into a bigger blob and has a HUGE head!! It has little teensy blobs sprouting out of it (these will be the arms and legs!). It’s unbelievable. I have never seen anything so incredible and it’s inside of me and I’m growing it. This is so crazy!!
Dr also tells me to chill out but understands the deja vu that I am having. He prescribes me morning progesterone suppositories to go along with my night times. He asks how the last 2 weeks went and I tell him of the strong nausea and meat aversions and then how the symptoms decrease. He then questions fiance for ten minutes on how he cooks his ribs (the ones I was gagging while we were preparing).
Work is super busy this week which is great. I drink gallons of water and pee all the time. Still pretty tired. Breasts still sore. And I’m bloated. Like woah. I haven’t gained any weight but I can’t do up my pants and need to use a hair elastic to keep them closed.
I have 3 work lunch meetings and I order water with lemon when everyone else drinks 2 beers. I decline beers and wine in the office – my new job would be a DREAM come true if I weren’t pregnant…now it’s just a tease!!  I’m sure they all think I’m lame and no fun…
Week 10 scan is booked and so are my NIPT appts at week 13 and 17 and I need to get blood work taken now – I’ll do that on w9d1.
These 2 weeks between my scans are even harder then the TWW when TTC!!
I’ve called around to get a midwife but everyone is already booked and I’m waiting on one call back – fingers crossed!! I had noooo idea that this was something you were supposed to do as soon as you get pregs..!?! Ugh…. If I can’t get one, then I guess I’ll have to be assigned an OB and just go on the wait lists for a midwife. I have no clue which is better but have been told by many friends how great midwives are and that I will definitely want one when its my turn.
Hope I can get in!


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