Week 6 – It IS real!!

Week 6 – We have a heartbeat!!!! OMG!! Is this really happening?!?! It’s amazing. There was our tiny little blob with a strong little heartbeat of 121 bpm! Dr says everything looks great!! He can’t believe we conceived naturally but is so happy for us! As an insurance he starts me on night time progesterone.
We book our week 8 scan and I can not wait!! This day is also the first day of our week vacation and we are off to our cottage.
As the week continues….the nausea kicks in and woah!! The site of raw meat is revolting and then trying to eat cooked meat is really difficult – I don’t get it….I LOVE MEAT. I’m nauseas off and on all day and soooo tired.
I try to stay active and keep busy to keep my mind off of it but it’s tough. I need to be within a foot of drinking water at all times. Sips of water seem to be the only thing that helps with the nausea.
I’m so grateful for this feeling but it is KICKING MY BUTT!!


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